Demo Corner
New Urban Jumps 15:40 CST 31/08/99

    Now maybe it's because I am not too good at AQ2, but I have never seen these jumps that [US]Sabotage does on Urban. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!! It isn't recammed but he used a demo editor cause there are some effects in it. Check it out, it rocks. Also, if anyone out there is good at keygrip2 and wants to work on some demos with ol Gig then drop me a line. For some reason keygrip really screws up my computer, so I don't use it. A blee a blee a blee thats all folks.If a girl says she's 23, and she looks 18, she's 12. If a girl says she's 26, and looks 26, she's damn near 40.

What's Gigolo Doin' Here? 15:40 CST 10/07/99

You might be asking yourself, "What is Gigolo doing here in the Demo's section?". Well, for some reason people send me demo's. So here I am. I upped Headshot a while back, and I also got some jump demos for Urban3 and rh_station. Those are at the "Movie Action" section, so check em out. Bye for now.

Back once again 23:40 CET 13/06/99

Yep we're back once again. The demo's are not flying in at the moment and i'm wondering if anyone is rolling the camera's at all. I had a few submissions but some of them were not really that good and others we're about making special jumps. I'm still in negotiation with Awol from Stunt Double about who should have the stunts on his page, so for now keep sending them to me as well as to him. And please , please pretty please don't make make me watch anymore Urban jumps because i have seen them ALL by now. Ok that's it keep them coming and i'll put em up. (that is, if they are good)

Demo section up and running again 14:50 CET 29/04/99

The Demo section of the Guild page is up and running again. So we want to you to send your demos that you have recorded and/or edited. Kissmet went Snowboarding and is no longer the author of this section. New authors are Xineon (that's me) and Mr.Wolf. You can send your demos to this address. The same rules apply as before. The demos shouldn't be bigger than 750kb zipped and they have to be zipped. If you haven't recammed your demo, it is unlikely that the demo will be posted unless you do something spectacular in it.

If you sent us a demo and we haven't released it, please do not mail us asking why it wasn't released (the most likely reason is that it wasnt good enough). If you've never edited a demo and want to do it, I suggest you download KeyGrip2 from PlanetQuake and read its tutorial. I dont want you to mail me with questions how to edit demos. You'll get the general idea from the tutorial.

- [NOPD]Xineon

Add-on is out
Stunt Double moved
07:10 CET 26/03/99

Good morning everyone :) I'm about to leave for the easter (I'll be back next Sunday (4/4/99)) I've been talking to AWOL at Stunt Double lately and we are going to try to clearify who did the diffrent jumps first etc. You might want to check out hes site too, as he is posting jumps I won't post, however he just moved the site to stomped so you'll have to be patient :))

Planning Chapter 1 & 2 add-on 23:10 CET 23/03/99

There is going to be a chapter 1 & 2 add-on at Friday (I'm going to leave town afterwards, I'll be back around the 04/04/99).

Chapter 2 is out. 07:00 CET 21/03/99

Chapter 2 added to the Action Bible. I were supposed to upload a few more things now but they will have to wait until tomorrow as I've been up for almost 30 hours.

Demos at Download section 21:00 CET 13/03/99

Demos are now added under the download section, go have a look :)

AQ:G BlockWar Bonus 03:40 CET 07/03/99

There is a "bonus" update today/night, this is to all of you that plays AQ:G at BlockWar. It's the most bacis moves and secrets about BlockWar, if you think you know it all you'll most likly get a surprise :)

Chapter 01 update 06:00 CET 06/03/99

Action Bible Chapter 01 is updated to v1.0 it now got 4 demos instead off 3. The 4'th one isn't as daring as the 3 first but it's still worth downloading.

For those off you who play AQ:G there is going to be a surprise tomorrow so stay tuned :)

Sorry about the delay. 00:20 CET 03/03/99

Ok I'm back after a really nasty computer crash :( I've added the first chapter of the Action Bible (v.95), which will be revised shortly (I lost some off the demos that were supposed to be included when I my computer crashed).

First real demo news update :) 23:00 CET 17/02/99

So now you know what the demo page will look like, that is if Suislide liked this :) There are at the moment two sections here, Action Bible and Move Action.

The Action Bible will be a series off teaching/hint demos on different maps, it will show you the jumps in a chase camera / mounted camera and the original demo will also be include in the zip file. Chapter one will be out tomorrow (were supposed to be out today but it seams KeyGrip2 deleted all my jpg files in the action/scrnshot/folder).

The Movie Action will be a section where you can send in demos, both unedited and edited demos, this is were you will show off your playing abilities or a nice kill. I'm going to start accepting demos here really soon, if you got anything that is really good mail it to me. (Right now I won't download anything that's not ZiP'ed nor will I download anything more than 750 Kb. If you can't meet those two requirements, please do not mail me!)