Guild Masters

Hammer Name: Hammer
Email: [email protected]
Home Page: N/A
ICQ#: 15547188
Position: Webmaster(Pimpalicious), Actor's Guild GOD
Favorite Model: Shotgun Messiah
Favorite Skin: Crips/bloods
Favorite Optional: Gold akimbos baby!!!!!
Activities: Smoking fine cigars (gotta be cuban), drinking fine port (gotta be Tawny), rock climbing (just gotta be), Georgia Tech Football
Quote: "And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, PEOPLE DIE!!!"
Black Monk Name: Black Monk
Email: [email protected]
Home Page:Home Page
ICQ#: 7581378
Position: Public Relations
Favorite Model: Male
Favorite Skin:Leafs
Favorite Optional:He's a traitor, uses standard models/skins
Activities:Doing too many AQ2-related things

ActMarine Name: ActMarine
Email: [email protected]
Home Page: Only webpage is the guild
ICQ#: 30883234
Position: Webmaster
Favorite Model: Action Marine
Favorite Skin: Mr. T
Favorite Optional: Anything by SpedDmn
Activities: Riding my dirtbike, skateboarding, computers, PS2.
Quote: "LIES!"

Tziko Name: Tziko
Email: [email protected]
Home Page: N/A
ICQ#: 13125484
Position: Webmaster
Favorite Model: Male
Favorite Skin: Cop
Favorite Optional: D:
Activities: Computers, golf, skiing, drinking, etc.

Fuel Name: Fuel
Email: [email protected]
Home Page: N/A
ICQ#: 63530774
Position: Webmaster
Favorite Model: fuel4.46
Favorite Skin: blue (fuel model)
Favorite Optional: My pak (If you know what I'm saying...)
Activities: Music, Computers, Sports, Games, !
Quote: "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. #*!&!#"

Comp625 Name: Lehmann
Email: [email protected]
Home Page: N/A
ICQ#: 83395334
Position: Webmaster
Favorite Model: Homer
Favorite Skin: Homer
Favorite Optional: Saving Private Ryan Crosshairs
Activities: N/A
Quote: N/A

Comp625 Name: Comp625
Email: [email protected]
Home Page:
ICQ#: 83395334
Position: Webmaster
Favorite Model: Sydney
Favorite Skin: siris
Favorite Optional: Pistol Laswar
Activities: Playing games, working on computers, talking to friends, watching tv
Quote: "All Good Things Must Come to an End."