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     Oct.25.1999 8:30pm PST - VivitronAK - "How long has it been?"

   So really, how long has it been? Well I will let you guys count the days. We finally got a new submition! A really nice one. Adding another female to the action scene. The model is in the "Current Submit's" section at the left, just below the big 'models' button! Check it out. I don't know at this time what the hell we will do with it. Probably make another guildpack or maybe a smaller individual release.

    Jun.23.1999 8:52pm PST - Hammer - "Fixed"
I fixed the links that were on this page. Sorry for the inconvienence it may have caused some of you.

    Jun.16.1999 10:52pm PST - VivitronAK - "Links"
   People have been e-mailing me about the link below for the guildpack2. I am not sure why it wont work off of this page but it works on the Downloads section of the guild. So go get it from there! Thanks to all that brought this to my attention! There is the ZIP and the EXE version, get whichever suits your needs. Follow the instructions and you will be all set!

    Jun.14.1999 Cookie break time - s'kebe - "OMG! It's (sorta)done!"
   The new MDLViewer page is up for testing. Just follow that link over on the left ( no, your other left). It will take a while for some of the skins to load, so BE PATIENT. I'll try do more later.busy,busy,busy!

    Jun.4.1999.4:18pm PST - VivitronAK - "The Release"
   The new guildpack has been released! It was officially released on the 2nd of June. GET IT NOW! Modelpack2.exe or (aprox. 3.8mb) There are the 2 new models that are in the current submit's section and 68 new skins to use! Thanks goes out to all that provided for the release! There are some really great skins that you have to see!

    May.17.1999.4:02pm PST - VivitronAK - "Just A Bit More"
   Hi there fellow actioneers, what's up?! Well for this moment I added the Male model the screen shots section with the listen damage regions. There will be some new stuff coming soon! Just a reminder to ya'll that I have 2 seperate email addresses. If you want to email me wiht questions/comments email to [email protected] If you are emailng to submit a model email [email protected] s'kebe and I will think up some really sweet items for you shortly. We'll keep it coming as long as you guys can support with your own ideas (which will help us out a bit!). Thank you and good day!

    Apr.26.1999.Early AM - s'kebe "ARGH! No COFFEE!"
   Duzn't be surprised. ah' have removed Mr. Ah be baaad...Coat fum de MDLViewa' page. ah' dought dat (it blew chunks) it might appeal t'some uh ya' but t'quote Hammer, "Delete dat sucka". BTW: Still workin' on tryin' t'get mo'e skins t'show on de MDLViewa' page. *Now Phear Dis*: Yeah Holmes. 3DStudio Max 3 be comin'. It be very baaaadass fum whut I've eyeball. I saw Lock,Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels on Saturday wid Hamma' & KaRRiLLioN. Kewl movie. Translation:Don't be surprised. I have removed Mr.Coat from the MDLViewer page. I thought that (it blew chunks) it might appeal to some of you but to quote Hammer, "Delete that sucka". BTW: Still working on trying to get more skins to show on the MDLViewer page. *Now Phear This*: Yes. 3DStudio Max 3 is coming. It is very badass from what I've read.I saw Lock,Stock & Two Smoking Barrels on Saturday with Hammer & KaRRiLLioN. Kewl movie. Whoa! Deja Vu!

    Apr.16.1999.11:00AMish - s'kebe "BOO-YAH!!"
   Just wanted to say that I fixed & added the model viewer pages back onto the site & if you click on the link, you can go see them. Yes that link OVER THERE. /me points to the left. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO! And go read some tutorials while you're at it. Suffer along the learning curve with me...I've seen the Matrix 3 times now. What a kick ass movie.

    Apr.11.1999.4:52pm PST - VivitronAK "Patch-ups"
   Hey Action people! I have patched up some of the parts on this section, you may or may not notice but oh well! I have remodeled the screenshots page. Now each image with the damage regions is clickable. You can click on each damage region and you can get soem more info! Mess around with that while s'kebe and I find some new stuff for you! I am also thinking of cutting down on this page size so some news may be deleted from the bottom soon! :o|

    4.7.1999. 10:30am EST - s'kebe - "ARGH! MEDIC!"
   AAHHH DON'T SHOOT! Just wanted to drop a note to introduce myself seeing as how I will be helping out around here.Not much new to report other than my eyes are about to fall outta my skull from reading TUTORIALS!! Really, go read some...It's good for you. Anyway, If you have any other ideas or just want to rant, snipe me @ s'kebe My 1st 'grey' rant! WHOOHOO!

    Mar.21.1999.3:00pm PST - VivitronAK - "Ka-Boom!"
   Tonight will be a big festival for the model's section! All sections to the left should be up within an hour! Get ready! Some sections are up and running and soon the rest will also be there to check out! The new ones are the Current Submitions section and the Model info section. Check out each link and the new submitions! The Model info section should be a helper to some modelers so you can see how action's damage area's work. Some pages may be altered a bit just to keep up.. Enjoy what I have put up so far, come back in an hour to get the rest of it!

    Mar.15.1999.6:12pm PST - VivitronAK - "Page Up!"
   There's now a screen-shots page up. Check it out, it's at the left, or click here. You can go there and find out how to send me some screen-shots and help me out a bit! More stuff coming along.. Be ready!
   Today I was playing around a bit with aq2 and I notice that some people are just plain ANAL! Here's a small tip.. Don't go in the same place each round.. People aren't that stupid..  I've also found out that lag actually helps me at sniping. ((IE))When I see an enemy walking to the right, I follow the enemy and then I slide my aim a bit faster ahead of the enemy's steps and I pull the trigger.. It's sorta fun for a person that has a 56k modem and an average ping of 360!
   And finally a note to server ops.. Dont use the same old, same old models other servers use.. Make a statement by using something kewl! I noticed that the Gi-Joe model is not being used in most servers.. Check out some skins at the skins section of the guild and make your server a party!

    Mar.11.1999.11:34pm PST - VivitronAK - "Late Night With Vivitron!"
  Hey there folks! Just to let you know there is now a total of 3 new pages coming soon (hopefully by the weekend)! I am working with a friend of mine to get some screen shots of models close-up and personal... It will be presented in voodoo2 hi-res, not software.. hehe.. There is a new Models Info section which will be about model requirements and model do's and don'ts.. And also the Current Submitions page where you will see what modelers have made and submited for us.. I will try as hard as I can to get it all in by the weekend! See you all soon! Hm.. this page is getting a bit long..

    Mar.6.1999.3:53pm PST - VivitronAK - "News Flash"
   Today I spotted a download for model makers or wannabe's or future model makers.. hehe.. here's a neat little tool to create your own models. Get it here! By the way, there is a new email address for you people to submit your models.. It is [email protected] . If you submitted to my hotmail account please re-submit to my telefragged account.. Thanks! The one's that were uploaded to my hotmail were erased due to file size.. That's just the account agreement.. The Screen-Shots section is coming along. I will get more things coming along soon! Till then, go out and have yourself a good fraggin' time!

    Mar.3.1999.5:29pm PST - VivitronAK - "Mini-Update"
  Ok, here's a bit of an update for ya! As you can see to the left, the voting section is HISTORY. The models had difficulties fitting into the action scene. We will reorganize something similar to that later, but for now it is gone. There is a new section that is under construction. It's the Screen-Shots section. It will be up soon. There will be some nice images of quality models for you modelers to go by as a standard for action quake 2 or as something to get ideas off of. While i am doing all this you guys go on ahead and enjoy a nice game of aq2. There is a kewl new server out that supports 3-TEAMS!!! It's the AQ2OG Server operated by Zeus0. It's a fast server and with 3-Teams, the more the merrier, or should i say bloodier? Connect to the 3-Team server at (default port)!

    Feb.27.1999.12:31pm PST - VivitronAK - "Changes"
   Just a note that there will be a ton of changes coming to the models section. The voting section will be torn down, we will have many resources for modelers...there will be some screen-shots of kewl models or some guidlines to go by when making an AQ2 model. Many thingsd will be introduced to the site shortly. Be ready for the rebirth of this section. Stay tuned!

    Feb.18.1999.7.14pm PST - VivitronAK - "NEW MODELS VOTE"
   Allright! We got a voting section going! Get in the voting page and vote on current models posted on the page. See what you like and don't like! Tell us what you want! We will do whats right for you guys but we need your help! So visit this page and vote! ROCK THE VOTE!!!

    Feb.17.1999.3.42pm PST - VivitronAK - "NOTICE"
  Ok, here I am with some exciting new to bring you hope on this section! It will live! I have many ideas in store for the future of action and this section of the Guild. I will soon have some things up on here for you to get busy on. My current email is the link up top I don't think there will be a change. contact me for any questions. If you have any models to submit go ahead and send me screenshots of the model or the model itself to that email address. To clarify it, it is [email protected]
-Be Patient! I have a ton of ideas!

    Feb.15.1999.06:41pm PST - Unorthodox - "MODELS FACELIFT"
   Phew, just clearing out the cobwebs here; we're going to have some exciting developments on this part of the page in the next few days so come back often for something pretty darn cool!