^7ths0n^ - 11.5.1999
Spawn Snipe
none Cold, Mes.. (laser sight)

Blitz Hairs Pak

-Blitz - 09.26.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] AHL Crosshairs and Laser Sights from Blitz.

Infection=NASA= hairs

-Infection=NASA= - 09.26.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Sniper Crosshair from Infection=NASA=.

{FOO}Schtoos hairs

-{FOO}Schtoos - 09.26.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] X-hair from {FOO}Schtoos

Hair Pak

-[mG]-Organ - 09.04.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Sniper, Laser and X-Hair pak from [mG]-Organ.

He@d-RipPeR hairs

-He@d-RipPeR - 09.04.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Green Tree Sniper crosshair from He@d-RipPeR

He@d-RipPeR hairs

-He@d-RipPeR - 09.04.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Black Sniper crosshair from He@d-RipPeR

He@d-RipPeR hairs

-He@d-RipPeR - 09.04.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Green crosshair from He@d-RipPeR

He@d-RipPeR hairs

-He@d-RipPeR - 09.04.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Green and red crosshair from He@d-RipPeR

s3ntry hairs

-s3ntry - 09.04.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] He didn't submit a screenshot, so I have no clue what it looks like. Lesson: SEND A PIC!!

Kiribati Hairs

-Kiribati - 08.09.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Uhm, look at the pic. They are from Kiribati, like it says above. Damn I'm tired.

Syphon Filter Hairs

-Kivas - 08.09.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Crosshair from the PSX game Syphon Filter, by 989 Studios.

Syphon Filter Hairs

-]EA[Armageddon - 08.09.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Crosshair from the PSX game Syphon Filter, by 989 Studios.

Wide Sniper Crosshair

-SpedDmn[11] - 07.26.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A very wide sniper crosshair with a neat zoom indicator.

Animated Crosshair

-D.O.A. - 07.23.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] 2 colors of chain animated crosshairs.

Animated Crosshair

-D.O.A. - 07.23.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] 2 colors of bar animated crosshairs.

Alex Crosshairs

-alexandr - 07.16.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Some great lookin crosshairs.

Animated Crosshair

-D.O.A. - 07.16.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] D.O.A. hits us again with a good looking animated crosshair. 7 colors to choose from!

Animated Crosshair

-D.O.A. - 07.12.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Probably one of the coolest crosshair ideas just keeps getting better, more animated crosshairs for ya to check out!

Skull Laser Sight

-Canus - 07.12.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A skull laser sight.

Simple Sniper Hairs

-UR-Jack In The Box - 07.12.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Some simple sniper crosshairs, made not to strain your eyes.

Nice little crosshairs

[VfN]HaKa - 07.10.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Here are some regular crosshairs, for aiming in different enviroments.

Smiley Laser

MadMan - 07.10.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Laser sight with a smiley face.

Nice little crosshair

sCiEnCe - 07.05.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A really nice circular crosshair.

Predator Laser Sight

Blackman - 07.05.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A laser sight based on the Predator series

He@d-RipPeR Crosshair!

He@d-RipPeR - 07.05.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A green slanted x-hair.

Saving Private Ryan Crosshairs

Xenian - 06.28.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Sniper Crosshairs from Saving Private Ryan.

Animated Crosshair!

Weird 1 - 06.28.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] An animated crosshair!

Zappah's Crosshair

[R7]Zappah - 06.28.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A really great looking sniper crosshair.

Akimbo Crosshair

Pimpitron - 06.28.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] 4 crosshairs total, with an akimbo specific crosshair.

Judge Dredd Scope

Blackman - 06.28.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A Sniper Crosshair based on the scope in Judge Dredd.

A Knife Crosshair

Frost - 06.22.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A crosshair that helps you in knife throwing.

Visible Crosshairs

[KGB]_Kaya - 06.22.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] If you have ever not been able to see your crosshair, these are for you.

Sniper 2x

Gigolo - 06.13.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Desop's crosshairs with the labels on them.

Sniper 2x

Desop-KUI- - 06.11.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Here are some super simple sniper crosshairs from Desop. They are effective and not too distracting.

Sniper 2x

Droch - 04.02.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Finally! Here are some Regular X - Hairs. Not Sniper Crosshairs but regualar ones. They are bright and colorful.

Sniper 2x

-=GimpSlayer{HoR}=- - 04.02.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Here are More sniper crosshairs that i personally like from Gimp!

Sniper 2x

GERMANFf - 04.02.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Here are some pretty Neat Sniper X - Hairs From GERMANFf.

Sniper 2x

Speddmn - 03.12.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] These are some pretty cool Sniper Hairs from Speddmn. I especially like the Bar under the actual crosshairs themselves.

Sniper 2x

_| oni Ylist´┐Ż - 03.12.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Here are some more sniper crosshairs that i thought you would all like! Thanks to all you guys who make these awesome things!

Sniper 2x

]EA[Armageddon - 03.12.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Heres some sniper crosshairs that i thought were pretty cool! You might like em too! They look professional to me but you be the judge.


Master (gs) - 02.11.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Master(gs) submit's his tastefully made sniper crosshairs for your targetting pleasure. You can grab his GL-friendly version of the same crosshairs by clicking here.


Kludge - 02.11.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Kludge sends us some more nice and clean sniper crosshairs that should help you nail those baddies between the eyes every time!


Alexander - 06.23.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Another fix on his original, this crosshair boasts better accuracy and a cleaner look.

Double Trees

Jaeger - 01.25.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Ahh, another creation inspired by Mr. Clark, this time coming to us from Jaeger are (for lack of a better name) the Double Trees! Great for Akimbo Pistols!


Suislide - 01.01.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Some alternative crosshairs for your sniper rifle.

Mr. Clark's crosshairs

Mr. Clark - 01.01.1999
From Mr. Clark come 3 new crosshairs for both left and right handed users, the zip file also includes good instructions on installing the .pak files.

green tree 2

Unorthodox - 01.01.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Inspired by Mr. Clark's "green tree" crosshair which attempts to compensate for distance between you and your target, this one adds two more notches for closer and further targets.


Guppyshark[FA] - 12.14.1998
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Guppyshark from the land of Oz offers us his own nifty custom crosshair.