Replacement Models



A MAC-10

~MP*Canus - 09.26.1999
[CLICKTO DOWNLOAD] Here is a mac10 originally made by democritus (Navy Fortress) but converted to AQ2 by ~MP*Canus. 

A Glock

Bloodlust - 06.22.1999
[CLICKTO DOWNLOAD] Here is the glock from Terror Quake, made for Action Quake. 

TheSaint's Knife

TheSaint - 06.19.1999
[CLICKTO DOWNLOAD] A new knife model from TheSaint, featuring a new attack animation. 

Ruger Super Redhawk Magnum

Cloud - 04.10.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Here is a Ruger Super Redhawk Magnum, with attached sniping sight to replace the SSG Sniper Rifle. 


[-ZeUs0-] - 06.22.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] A working version of Muz's M-16 model. Replaces the M4. 

Tommy Gun

Oddjob - 03.03.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Replace your M4 with a tommy gun straight from the 20's gangster movies. 

Terror Weapons

[UZI]Letum - 02.26.1999
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] New models that replace the MP5/M4/Sniper with an Uzi/AK47 /Sniper. Models adapted from the TerrorQuake mod.