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AHL Icon

Phixius - 09.26.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] AHL windows icon.

AQ2 ingame icons

Sureshot - 09.26.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] In game AQ2 icon pak

AHL Icon

SGT Sneaky - 08.09.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] AHL windows icon.

HUD Icons

Ryan Corey - 07.30.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] This is a Aq2 icon replacement (weapons,items,crosshairs,& console) based on the HUD systems used in military aircraft.

Kevlar Vest Icon

^V^7ths0n^'s - 04.02.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Heres some more in-game weapons icons!

Kevlar Vest Icon

Shinobi - 03.17.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] This file isn't called ActionFaceLift for nothin! It includes console tags (or backgrounds for those of us who are cluless), icons, fonts, and crosshairs for action quake. This Pic is just one of the many in game icons for weapons and items that are included in it.

Kevlar Vest Icon

Devo - 03.17.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Yet another "Face Lift" for action. This includes all new versions of everything in the the download above. These Icons are a little easier on the eyes.

Not Available

p1n0yb0y - 03.17.99
[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] These are icons specifically for the exe file in windows!