���Friday, March 03, 2000 - 11:28 PM EST ActMarine - Update
Sorry about not updating in so long, but I've just finally gotten enough stuff(barely none at all) to update with. Sonic sent in an M4 replacement skin. We got a sniper crosshair from scope. Also sent in was an mp3 for action quake. You can find that in the other section.

That's all for now. I should be updating in a few days because both red13 and SpedDmn[11] are sending in weapons paks with their best skins. Until then...later.

���Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 5:42 PM EST ActMarine - Update
Sorry about not updating in soooooooooo long, but school is starting to interfere with the Guild. Also I might be gettin a job soon, so that is gonna take more time away from here, but I'll update as much as possible. Ok, here goes...Kiribati sent in a bunch of stuff. He sent in a Jungle, TigerBlue, Urban, and Golden sniper rifle skins. He also sent in matching skins for the MP5 and MK23. Also recieved from him is a sniper crosshair. CoLoNoMiC{sux} sent in a crosshair as well. That's about it...hope to keep gettin stuff, and possibly see another update next Monday or Tuesday, if I get anything that is :). Later...

���Thursday, February 03, 2000 - 11:08 PM EST ActMarine - Update...
I have a prety good update for today (this is all the stuff saved since November) First off with the "other" stuff. We have an AQ2 Winamp skin sent in by ECA Shady and a rock themed mp3 by =DIE=Flanger. We also have 3 crosshairs. They were sent in by Metz, Raven, and [LP]Ghengis. I'll add the other half of the updates later. I gotta get to bed...

���Wednesday, February 02, 2000 - 7:10 PM EST ActMarine - Little Fixup
Ok...I decided the optionals page needed a little work. I fixed the navbar part where the help link was kinda of offcenter. I also archived everything from today on. If you want to view previous files, you need to go to the appropriate section and click on the link for the archived files. I did this to make stuff a little neater.

That's about it, start sendin stuff in!

���Monday, January 31, 2000 - 9:42 PM EST ActMarine - Updates...
Ok...I'm ready to start adding some updates...if you have anything to give me...ICQ the files to me at 30883234 (when it asks to authorize, put Guild Submission) or email them to me at [email protected]

That's about it...hope to start gettin some files

���Monday, September 27, 1999 - 2:48 AM EDT Gigolo - Gigolo Rides Again
   I know, I know, it's been forever. I have been SO UNBELIEVABLY BUSY with real life, school, and other stuff that I haven't been able to devote the needed time to the Guild. But without further ado, I bring the files.

We sure don't get a lot of these, and it's a shame. A weapon repleacement model!! ~MP*Canus sends in a cool looking MAC-10 model, originally from Navy Fortress. He got the persmission to post it here, so it's cool. No gunskins for a change, but as soon as I get a pic of the 24K Pimp pak, it's gonna be posted.

Crosshairs galore!! I actually have about 10 more on my HD but they don't have screenies, so I probably won't even post them. This is how serious I am about sending in pics people. DO IT! Blitz and [mG]-Organ sent in crosshair paks. Infection=NASA= sent in a sniper hair while {FOO}Schtoos sent in an x-hair. Phixius sent in a AHL Windows icon and SureshoT sent in an in game AQ2 icons pak.

2 new sound paks, one from White Wolf and the other from Susano-[MacH]. We also have a new section to the others page, Music. Yes, we have an AQ2 inspired song. Everyone I sent it to liked it, and I did also. It's in MP3 format and relitively small (2.5 megs) so give it a listen. I also have some demos, and I will try to upload those ASAP.

Rant of the update: SUBMIT PICS!! I can't stress this enough, you don't send a screenshot of your work, you might not make the update. I don't have the time to weed through 15 pak files, extracting the targa files into PSP and then format em to JPEG. It's easy to do, but takes a lot of time. I am also doing the section solo again, so if anyone has free time, send in those emails sayin that you want to help me out. That's all for today.Real reasons for no update: trip to Austin, excessive alcohol consumption, girls, parties, and overall laziness. I got a new printer/scanner/fax/copier today, it rocks. So does Dreamcast!!

���Tuesday, September 14, 1999 - 12:40 AM EDT Gigolo - Coming Soon....
    The next update is going to be the biggest update possibly ever to the Guild. To worsen this for me, Spawn is really busy with school/real life and he is going to be lessening the time he can work on the Guild. I am also caught up with school and real life, but I love doing this page so I will find the time. Look for a massive @$$ update tomorrow or by the end of the work week. I guess to reiterate, I am not dead. Oh, one more thing. STOP SENDING IN CONFIG FILES!!The real reason I haven't updated is I was playing Sloth 3, a MUD. www.slothmud.org

���Saturday, September 04, 1999 - 1:19 AM EDT Gigolo - Pr0n Makes the World Go Round
    No nonsense update. Here we go. McBlood sends in 2 very cool handcannon skins, check em out. Scope(+) sends in 2 knife skins (one bloody and other gold) and Waldo sends in a black knife skin. Foodum-={NaO}=- sends in a icons/weapons pak. Very nice. Bloodlust submitted a CS based weapon pak, he got the permission to do so, so it's cool. Holy crosshairs batman!! He@d-RipPeR sent me 4 crosshairs, 2 sniper and 2 normal. We also got a sniper hair from s3ntry. And lasty, and possibly leastly (KIDDING), p1n0yb0y sends in a windows icon pak for AHL and AQ2. Nice work!!

Hmmmmmm, anything worth ranting about? Lemme think. Oh, things are getting a little backed up here at the ol Guild as far as optionals go. As I post this I have like 20 new optionals to update, most of which are crosshairs. Gimme till the next update if at all possible before submitting any more stuff, gimme a week or so to get my $h1t together. I might (no promises) post the new stuff tomorrow, so wait for that. That's all for now, go download optionals!!Now I know what you're thinkin..."Where is the porn he mentioned in the topic?" Well, there isn't any. You gotta get your rocks off somewhere else, sicko!

���Thursday, September 02, 1999 - 1:19 AM EDT Gigolo - Gimme A Break!
    I know I said yesterday, but I had a clan match and I just couldn't find the time to do the update. I finally got the time today, but I soon found out that people don't send screenshots anymore. I have 15 files to upload, and 7 have screenshots. Now there is no way I am gonna do all these shots, and with Spawn out of town they probably won't get done. Those of you that didn't send a screenie will get emails, and those of you that did, thank you. The Guild is a FREE site that posts YOUR work. Look at us as a store. Everyone that submits to the guild wants people to download their work and marvel at its awesomeness and use it and love it, etc. Well that won't happen if you don't show them what it looks like. I am okay at writing descriptions for the skins, etc, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. For now, all this update is is a rant. I got all the files renamed, and in order, etc. I will probably upload them in a sec and wait to do all the HTML work tomorrow, I think Spawn will be back home by then. Long rant, that's all for now.You know what sucks? My ref_gl.dll won't allow me to play multi-player q2, but on an empty server or on my own server I can play fine. Isn't that odd?

���Tuesday, August 31, 1999 - 1:10 AM EDT Gigolo - Hopefully Back Up
    Well the big ol fan worked, I took my PC in and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Don't you hate it how things never work at home, then you take em to get fixed and they work like a charm. Well with this kink worked out expect a MAJOR update Wednesday night. Senior year is time consuming socially but really easy academically, so I should still have time for the Guild. This is a quick update, no big news, just sayin that I am alive and all. Oh, Rainbow 6 kills the hell out of CS. Coop R6 is so awesome, I would strongly suggest it for your next LAN. No disrespect to Gooseman! Oh, I got 5 submissions today, can you say WOWZAS!!

���Sunday, August 29, 1999 - 1:57 PM EDT Gigolo - Pop, Smell
    Yes, that's what happened last night. I was playing AHL, then I heard a pop and a smell came from my PC. What happened you ask? Well my fan on my pc blew up from overheating. So I get to put a big ass fan next to my open computer box and write this. I also have to wait till tomorrow so I can call ACS(www.askacs.com) and ask them why they sold me defective shit. It's still under warranty, so they better fix my shit for free. I am really mad about this as you can see, so I am gonna go before any more expletives fly. Don't expect an update for a while, I got a clan scrimmage tonight and I am gonna take my pc to get fixed tomorrow, so who knows how long this will take. Oh, and my moms pc's hard drive is fried, so I can't use hers. Well, I hope to fix all this soon and get some stuff out to the public.Isn't C&C Tiberium Sun coming out soon, or was it yesterday? I don't remember.

���Sunday, August 29, 1999 - 8:36 AM EDT Spawn - A bag of suprises...
Yes, I've got many optionals for your optio-lust for this update...
The bad thing is that I'm away from my PC and I can't upload any of it
I'm counting on Gigolo about that... Anyway - HERE'S THE WINNING NUMBERS :
Finally Scope's camo knife skin for that knife model The Saint made is released. Also from Scope he had an edited version of the glock model from TerrorQuake. Scope removed the L.A.M. (laser-aiming-module) and the silencer..But we aint gonna upload it yet cuz of some technical problems - So I ask you ppl to email us with your thoughts- Release the glock or not and why ? - Also from Scope we got another two skins for that model TheSaint made - A gold one and a bloody...
Thats done =) Now, we got 3 Icons for windows from Andy Salz and AHL icons from p1n0yb0y. Also we got some configs from HoL clan,[=E=]Satan,Stef�n �rn Stein��rsson and Automatics Uncensored. One of the first "other" submissions here - We got a replacement ICQ Background for the skin.
And now for that super moment of joy (lol) GUNSKIN PAKS !
Yes, we got a weapon pak from Foodum-={NaO}=- and another great weapon pak from all-time favorite (lol again) BLOODLUST using textures from Counterstrike! He has authorization so dont start complaining. HE GOT PERMISSION I SAY ! SHUT UP ! *BANG BANG* There! Wasnt that easy?
And last but not least ... Crosshairs! We got He@d-RipPeR's 2 normal crosshairs and sniper crosshairs and 10 (!!!) submission of pak's from D.O.A. He's working on a collection of crosshairs and he's contacting the authors for that powerful "OK" - As I said he has 10 zips for now - We wait more from him -
That's all for now folks ! Till next time ! YOU SHOULDNT BE READING THIS YA KNOW

���Monday, August 23, 1999 - 2:02 AM EDT Gigolo - Other Page Stuff
    I uploaded 3 new files to the Other page. 2 icq skins (ICQ PLUS required) and 1 winamp skin. Lucky86 is the man, so he gets a plug. Go visit his AQ2 site and his AHL site. Well that's 2 plugs, but he deserved it. He is also doing some icons for me. Oh, for those gunskin fans out there, I got the hookup (who else would?). Here are some teaser shots of the upcoming pak from SpedDmn and Bloodlust. It is the Mr. T Pimp Ass 24 Karat Gold Weapons Pak. I named it by the way. So check that out, look for it here soon, email me what you think, and MAKE MORE OPTIONALS. Oh, I ordered my DSL today.Kill Your TV!

���Thursday, August 19, 1999 - 12:41 AM EDT Gigolo - Lil News
    Thank GOD for Spawn, he is saving me a lot of time. I did a little upgrade of the others page that was promised a month ago, so check that out, and expect more to come. I have some winamp skins and some more icq skins for ya, so stay tuned. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve, gotta wait for those :)
Speddmn was a bitch when he had a cable modem, now he has a t1. I still am waiting for my ADSL.

���Wednesday, August 18, 1999 - 12:39 AM EDT Gigolo - WE HIT 300000
    YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ! WE HIT 300000 ! THE ACTORS GUILD HIT 300000! So thanks everyone for your support...btw.....Hey guys - Spawn here - This is my first update at the guild and ma box o' prizes has some stuff for ya...Lets start from gunskins ... One submissions here, from SCOPE(+).He submitted a black and silver akimbo skin.

We also got a new lasersight in the form of X (it reminds me of X-Files but never mind) from Inferno~AU. Also got in ma box a crosshair from Max Carnage that is very useful as he says but I won't say more just download it and check it out yourselves.It seems that SCOPE is on fire and he sent us a crosshair also! Congrats there SCOPE and I hope you remain active in the optionals scene...Also we got some radio sounds from Death[TDK] packed along with an interesting config.Till the next time (if there's gonna be one) keep the rates high ppl !

This is Spawn - This is my first update - Dont be hard on me - I dont care hehe...U can notice that the name is Gigolo but thats gonna be fixed....
Testing Subliminals. -Gigolo

���Thursday, August 12, 1999 - 5:15 PM EDT Gigolo - Another Test
There were some issues with the script yesterday, hopefully it wont screw up so bad this time. Expect the full update soon, but bear with us while we test.

���Wednesday, August 11, 1999 - 9:31 PM EDT Gigolo - Testing Our New News System
I am testing the new news cgi that we might be using here at the guild. Expect a real update sometime soon, we got some cool stuff for ya.

���Wednesday, August 11, 1999 - 7:29 PM EDT Gigolo - Too many optionals
    The final count is 10 optionals for this update. And I got news for ya, so long update, be warned. Let's dig in, gunskins first. Kiribati is the man, sending in two gunskins and one sniper scope. The gunskins are a golden shotgun and
really nice looking wooden/chrome handcannon. An optional newbie, Kivas, sends in some nice looking akimbo pistols with a wood/chrome theme and a crosshair based on the one from the PSX game Syphon Filter. And Mr. Poulpe sends in a camo M4.
Anyone looking for an AHL windows icon? Well we got one for ya, it was the first AHL optional submitted to me, but sorry, no prize.Crosshairs, we got those too. Too many actually. Do you people just sit down and say "Hmm, I'm bored, I am gonna make some crosshairs" ? Well I know I do, well atleast for AHL :) We have another Syphon Filter sniper crosshair, this one from ]EA[Armageddon. We also have the "Powerscope" from [R7]SICK1. It is based off of the Austin Powers movie, and is quite odd. Go check it out. And lastly the sound submissions. We have the first compiled AHL sound pak, featuring some new weapon sounds by Zer0.

Shameless Plug of the Update goes to............. Kiribati. Check out his site Kiribatis World. Other news. Zeus0 sent me some sprite programs, I will put those in the Developers Area. It is linked on the frame. For the uninformed, AHL uses sprites for the crosshairs. What else, Oh, very important!! DO NOT SUBMIT FILES TO MY EMAIL ([email protected]) ANYMORE!! Spawn is gonna start helping me with updates, and you need to send the files here : [email protected] . That will send them to me and him. If you submit files to me directly ([email protected]) I cannon promise that they will be updated. This makes things for me about 100x easier, so sorry for the small inconvienence to those of you who send me stuff. Well, I'm out. School starts tomorrow. SENIOR YEAR!!!!!! I have a big day of picking on freshman tomorrow, let me sleep :)

���Wednesday, August 11, 1999 - 7:28 PM EDT Gigolo - SORRY!!!!!
   As the topic says, I am really sorry about going AWOL for 9 days. I got 29 emails, haven't even looked at em yet (still downloading) and I got tons of ICQ messages (and a lot of URL's of those porno banner sites, please stop sending those whoever you are) and I am sorry for being gone. Real life stepped in in a big way, just didn't have the time or energy to do any work. With that said, this update is just a way of me saying that I am not dead or anything, just took some time off. I won't upload anything 2nite, I have to get up early and drive to Austin and do more real life stuff. School also starts for me on the 10th, so that will cut on my time as well. I know I can slack off senior year, but with 7 classes a semester, I gotta do a little work :) Email just stopped downloading, and it looks like TONS of crosshairs and some AHL stuff. Some gunskins as well. Oh, about the others page. I know I said it was up, and it isn't, so just wait a little longer. Some stuff that was supposed to go in there it turns out doesn't work or is incomplete, so just gimme some time. Also, if anyone knows how to convert files into a sprite, please email me. AHL uses sprites to do crosshairs and I (along with most of you) have some ideas for some crosshairs for AHL. So if you know how to do sprites, convert them, whatever, hook it up! Well, I have rambled enough, hope to do an update later on today or Monday.
Anyone else play AHL on a LAN and see how fucking slow it is? It is insane. Even Fragdock sucked ass. There's a bug for ya Suislide.
Archived Optionals News (Until August 99)