SOUNDS CST - Gigolo - "2 paks"
   2 paks for ya. White Wolf sends in a pak with player and weapon sounds.WWsound.zip For round 2, Susano-[MacH] sends in a sound and icon pak. This has tons of sounds and new pics for your HUD. Check it out.susasndz.zip CST - Gigolo - "AHL Sounds"
   Ahl sound pak, the first. It has a few weapon sounds in it.aqfahl.zip CST - Spawn - "Kiribati's Sounds"
   A great sound pak from Kiribati here.Has misc sounds and most of the weapons sounds - I really love the headshot and vest sounds ! :) Do try ppl...Kiribatisoundz.zip CST - Gigolo - "Sound Pak"
   Here are some sounds by DeathDeala.ddsound.zip. Please do not submit sounds from other mods, games, etc. CST - Gigolo - "Inspecta Sounds"
   Check out these gun and misc. sounds by [AMC]Inspecta.Inspecta.zip. The other sounds I referred to by S. Kleye are being delayed, and might not be posted. Check back for more info. CST - Gigolo - "Some KWAZY Sounds MAN!!"
   Are you a little crazy? Well if so (I know I am) then check out the sounds pak from KwazyDog. Get it by clicking here. He has another sounds pak that you can get at the bottom of thos page. CST - Gigolo - "MEGA SOUND PAK"
   Ok, no more running around, here it is, THE SOUNDS PAK for player models. Get it by clicking here. CST - Dardenator - "A few new sounds."
   Heres a bundel of funny new sounds for the terrorist model from MurderOne. Instructions are in the zip file. Click here to get these sounds. Heres a cool sounding new sound for map makers to put in their maps from Decapitator. Get it by clicking here. Well that about does it for the sound update. Keep on sending in your stuff and i'll post it! CST - Dardenator - "Sweet Sound Packs!"
   Here's some cool Sounds by Neo Omega. There are Many sounds in this pak file that include Gun Sounds Ricochets from bullets hitting walls and much much more! Check it out by clicking here. Here is another pak file for sounds made by ProMagnoN. This one includes some sounds that are played when your player gets hit. Get this one by clicking here. Here's yet even more pak files from THX(cs) and Zer0. These are some more weapons sounds and other things. Get these by clicking here. Well that's all I have for right now but please keep sending more and I'll Post em!

    Feb.11.1999.12:30pm EST - Unorthodox - "KA-POW!"
   -=[AM]Vi$ionary=- tosses more sounds at us (I know, some of these sound like they're suspiciously similar to some Half-Life sounds, let's try to get some original submissions in to here!) that you can grab here. Also we got some more sounds and crosshairs all in one .pak from {CoW} StarKnite which you could download here.

   KwazyDog sends us a nice and big 3.1 meg .pak file he's put together with tons of sound changes - at first glance I notice there's more in there than just sounds, but they sure are different!

    Jan.25.1999.05:30pm EST - Unorthodox - "SOUNDS"
   Alrighty.. We got sounds for you to download!

   The first few come from Darkmiss, it's a whole bunch of sounds that I'm sure you will find useful: Door Sounds, Platform Sounds, Weapon Sounds, Miscellaneous Sounds,

   Next up -=[AM]Vi$ionary=- sends us his small collection of sounds with a promise of more to come, click here to download them, they include a new sound for the M4, SSG Sniper Rifle, Silencer Shot, and a sound for when you're out of bullets. Thanks guys!