Submit Files

    Before you submit your files to the Actors Guild please read the following guidelines to make this the most painless process for all involved parties.

REQUIREMENTS:  For your optional to be accepted to the Actor's Guild, it must meet the following requrements:
1.) Be your original work(read below for borrowed files)
2.) Include all the necessary files in .zip format
3.) In your zip there needs to be a pak9.pak file(must be WORKING).  A readme.txt that includes the ORIGINAL author and email(icq optional) and instructions about where to extract the .zip and how to fix the .pak file also needs to be included.
4.) Please name the zip after the submitter and what type of file it is. (EX. If I sent in an MP5 skin, the .zip should be called actmarine_mp5.zip) I'm sure you get the idea.
5.) If any one of these requirements has not been met, I will ask you to fix whatever needs fixed, and to resubmit

BE ORIGINAL: Dont take things from other games/mods and claim them to be your work, this can get us all in trouble. The big thing is models. Some sounds are okay, but models are a big NO NO.  If you want to bring a model over from another game or mod, please get consent from the original author.  Also include the name of the the author and his/her email in the readme for that specific file.

    TAKE AND SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS!: I hate having to install every skin etc. just to make a screenshot for the page. Please take them yourselves. I ask that the largest dimension is 400 pixels max, JPEG, and under 30k. Also try to get a good lighting source. Urban3 has great lighting, it's really bright. All gunskins and weapon models should have pics included in the zip file.

    WATCH SIZE: Please send an e-mail and ask before you send a huge file (500 k or more). If you are sending through icq (30883234) then filesize should not matter.

    If a skin is mapped wrong, I will ask you to fix it yourself.   I don't have the time or knowledge to fix mistakes on your files. Please test your optionals before submitting them, if you need help ask before you submit the file.

FINALLY: Submit your files to ActMarine or icq them to me at 30883234.
Send me yo files BOY!!!!!!!