Jan.13.1999.04:05pm EST - Unorthodox - "Skin Help"

   So you've downloaded some skins - now what? It's actually not as difficult as you might imagine. First you have to know which model the skin you are working with was designed for, you will find that in the Skin Catalog on this site each skin says which model it was made for - since you can take the skin metaphor a step further and imagine that these 2D images will be wrapped around a 3D model you should see why this is important.

   Once you know what model the skin is for, you need to put the two files in the proper directory. You fill find all your Action Quake model directories in your Quake2\action\players folder. All you have to do is drop the two skin files in to the appropriate subdirectory. What are the two files? One is the skin which will be literally stretched over your Quake model, the other one which will be something like filename_i.pcx is the picture that is displayed when you look at the scores during play time.

   With these instructions in mind you should be well on your way to looking your finest in Action Quake!