Welcome in the suggestions section . Here you can find and submit suggestion for future skins. If you are a skinner and looking for a idea , this section will help you and if you have a good skin idea but your not good enough to do it , submit your idea here and maybe a skinner will make a skin with it.

Submit all suggestions to [email protected]

How about 1)An Alec Trevelyan (Janus/Agent 006 from Goldeneye) Skin for the M model, or the maybe Messiah to reflect the suit form the St. Petersburg park scene. 2)A Xenia skin for the Sydney or Action Rally skins. Robert Anderson <[email protected]> - 07.30.1999
I think somebody should make a really good ninja skin you know a smaller one not the big huge one the size of a regular Quake 2 male but one that could constitute as real size. Joe Cozzuol <[email protected]> - 06.25.1999
How about some Austin Powers Skins, Dr. Evil, # 2, and the man him self for action male. Michael Mitchell <[email protected]> - 06.25.1999
Lots and lots of Austin Powers skins...Austin Powers, dr. Evil, Felicity Shagwell. Countless possibilities. Sounds shouldnt be a problem either.. [RM] rABiEs <[email protected]> - 06.22.1999
i think that a really cool skin would be a postal worker with bloodshot eyes and 5:00 shadow, you know like a total mess. and i another is a christian priest with little white collor and stuff, imagine he is going on a killing spree because he found out that god DOSN'T exist and he has warped and destroyed the minds of barainless followers that go to church every sunday!. [ CyCloNe ] <[email protected]> - 06.18.1999
Well I know Clan #ryno# is looking for a skin!!!! Also I just finished watching Saving Private RYAN!!! why couldn't they make the first 10 min a hole Hour to an Hour and a Half!!!! Any ways how about some skins from that movie???. Lee Ukno <[email protected]> - 06.18.1999
darth maul is a good idea.. but... shouldnt he be skinned for the messiah model? the cap and all would be very fitting. Bob <[email protected]> - 06.16.1999
how about more comic book characters.  Grifter, backlash, Spartan,voodoo, zealot, jester, grail, hellstrike, pilgrim, bloodmoon, blackangel, black razors, keepers, characters from battle chasers and
crimson, along with others from wildstorm comics would be good.  A good batman mod. (with ears & cape) would be excellent.  Marvel has some really good character not yet skinned or modeled(ghost rider, the 3rd dare devil costume, archangel, gambit, havok, iceman, longshot, bishop, mr. sinister., omega red, black costume siderman, moon knight, Johnny
blaze, doom, wolverine and others). i do realize some os these do exist,
they don't fit the model; a new model all together, or the actionmale
and messiah models are what i had in mind.
Sharyn Flaherty <i[email protected]> - 06.13.1999
A real cool skin would be a computer geek skin!!!! Yeah. You know one with a white short sleeve dress shirt. Thick black rimmed glasses, a pocket protector in his front pocket of his shirt and maybe even black dress pants that are too short. Dylan Matter - 06.08.1999
How about a good Stormtrooper,Tie Fighter Pilot,AT-AT driver,Biker Scout,Emperor's Royal Guard,Death Star Gunner, Snowtrooper, RebelPilot, Chewie,and the Emperor skins from Star Wars.How about a Soldier from the WW2,Vietnam,or current with all different types of camo. [email protected] - 06.08.1999
How bout skins of wrestlers??????? That would be cool....... like Sting and stuff. or maybe Bevis and Butt-Head skins. bob - 06.08.1999
I think someone should do a skin of Caleb from Blood 2 for the Messiah model.  I know the game's not great but Caleb is and he's aleradygot the coat and stuff like all the other Messiah skins do so it would be really easy. Caleb - 06.08.1999
First .. i would want a skin for the arms in aq2 i think that would be fun.. and 2nd a Steven Seagal skin from Under Siege 1 or 2. Thomas Bj´┐Żrkell - 05.23.1999
How about good ol' Crockett & Tubbs from the TV-series "Miami Vice" for Actionmale model. mAc - 05.23.1999
How bout Agents Fox Mulder (ActionMale/Messiah) and Dana Scully (Action Rally) ? Rick Hunter- 05.23.1999
2pac skin, in black close and the westside mark on him. Ana Abrego- 05.23.1999
I would love to see some superhero skins, especially Electric Superman Blue/Red, Spiderman, Green Lantern, and definitely PUNISHER. Ganthorion- 05.23.1999
1 Arnold dressed as Jack Slater from Last Action Hero.
2 Mira Sorvino from The Replacement Killers.
3 Bruce Willis from The Jackal, any of his outfits/disguises would be cool.
Robert Anderson - 05.08.1999
I think a Darth Maul skin would be a definite must have for any star wars fan. I have also thought that some Babylon 5 skins would be cool, Narn, Centauri, Minbari, Vorlon, you get the idea. James W. Linscome - 05.08.1999
Morpheous for the Messiah model . SpyderOgre - 04.30.1999
Mad Max skin from the movie Madmax beyond Thunderdome. Trond Nygaard - 04.30.1999
Lawnmower Man skin or a Desperato Skin like Antonio Ban-der-ass. Lee Ukno - 04.30.1999
1. Universal soldier (Van Damme) 2. Paintball 3. Player Grifter (Comic book character, uses 2 pistols) 4. C3PO Stryke - 04.25.1999
A Hells Angels skin would be cool. Maybe a Bandidos skin as opposition. N4ceR[ZPO] - 04.25.1999
PLEASE make some more skins for Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace. You can get pics of the characters and more at or . Hal Solaris - 04.23.1999
Jaffa from the TV series Stargate SG-1 jamatel - 04.23.1999
Green Beret skin for SAS or MALE.....or some futuristic troopers....Or some Badass soldiers skins WarLord Spawn - 04.23.1999
WWF wrestling skins to go in a wrestling section. Make a Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kane, Rock, any of the wrestlers. Andrew Harrell - 04.03.1999
1. Fat Elvis skin all decked out in his Vegas regalia. Pete Brown-McKinney - 03.27.1999
1. more policemen skins for the Action Male model 2. more Pulp Fiction skins for the ActionMale model. Alien Sex Fiend - 03.24.1999
1.Clint Eastwood  for shotgun mesiah 2.a sas guy with a hasmat suit. Charles & Diane - 03.22.1999
1.A good Pam Grier skin (Coffy, Foxy Brown, Jackie Brown) 2.A good CYF skin (better than the not so great Male skins) 3.Castor Troy 4.Sean Archer Lennon - 03.02.1999
Anyhow, I just finshed watching Charles Bronson in "The Mechanic" and I think a Mechanic skin would be great MP*Yogurt - 03.03.1999
i was chatting the other day with a freind and we think there should be a postman skin , too go with the exspression ( IM GOIN POSTAL) ! ita would be fpr those people (like me ) ,who get real mad in the middle of a aq2 game ,cause your dien all over the place ,and need too get a point across ya no what i mean !!!! GOOBER - 03.03.1999
Female Swat, Female Swat, Female Swat! Female Police. Female Prisoners! Come on! SAUCE - 03.04.1999
1a.More Females 1b. Esp. A female Thug (blood,crip,etc.) 2. A Homegirl (I don't mean a homemaker) 3. A different male swat skin 4. Some Arnold Schwarznegger Skins 5. Jean Claude van Damnit skins 6. Slyvester Stallone skins JAZZ - 03.06.1999
TERMINATOR skin for sure (with that infamous red-eye), HANSOLO (who cares if it is futuristic-he still kicks butt with any weapon!) and last but not least FRANK DREBEN (police squad!!) - what a hoot that would be.... DazMon - 03.06.1999
-Ski Mask Robber [ActionMale, Male, Terror, Messiah] -Something Like Samantha Cane [AKA: Charle] in "The Lost Kiss Goodnight" [Sydney] - " " Samuel L. Jackson in " " [ActionMale] -Punisher [Shotgun Messiah] -That girl in Mortal Combat movie [female] -Desperato (Spelling?) [Actionmale] -Different Camos for Terror, SAS models -Navy Seals type skin [Male, ActionMale] -Sniper Skin like in movie "Sniper" [Male, ActionMale] SAUCE - 03.06.1999
johnny depp from fear and loathing in las vegas..... Unknown - 03.07.1999
how bout a good Robert De Niro skin from "Taxi Driver" complete with green army jacket and mohawk? Cosmo - 03.07.1999
Italian job - helmet with metal grill + boiler suit Judge Dredd Balaclava terrorist rioter (scarf round face) raver - white gloves - etc tramp zombie werewolf Vampire transvestite nerd clockwork orange "Real" People--------------- Keith from the Prodigy Frank Drebbin (police squad) Princess Diana/Prince Charles etc Clinton Unknown - 03.08.1999
1.the knife thrower from "Desperado". He has tattoos and knives along his waist. 2.Barnes from "Platoon" 3.Elias from "Platoon" both with actionmale model. 4.a biker Unknow (yup a other one) - 03.08.1999
Some more SAS skins......and it would be nice if some of all you good modelers out there could make a plain MarineTropper (with a helmet and all that shit)....It would be fun.... Think of all oppurtunity...forrest cammo,kaki cammo,swat suit, jungle gerilla..bla,bla,bla.... Rilleman - 03.08.1999