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Wednesday 31 December 2003 

Priston Tale improves servers!  by smurphster at 06:42:09

Priston Tale now has more servers and has upgraded the old ones. The game is relatively lagg-free now even on a 56k. If you had lagg issues before, I'd suggest trying it again.

I also stumbled upon a free applet-based 3D(ish) MMORPG that is surprisingly complex. Its called Runescape and the applet is very small. It only took about 5 minutes to download on my 56k. Check it out.

Monday 10 November 2003 

Priston Tale  by smurphster at 20:02:03

If you've stopped by the forums, I'm sure you've read a few topics about Priston Tale. Priston Tale is a fantasy based MMORPG that is free to download and free to play. It currently features two races which have their own starting towns. The world is pretty large and the scenery is varied quite a bit between regions. The same is true for monsters.

The game is still in development and its difficult to see what will happen to the game post-release since the English version of the site isn't very extensive. Enjoy the free play while it lasts!

Stop by the Priston Tale site to see what all the buzz is about.

Wednesday 21 August 2002 

Links page added  by smurphster at 22:04:21

We now have a links page set up. Right now, it only has community sites and official sites. I will be adding some mod and siegelet sites soon. Take a look here.

Wednesday 7 August 2002 

Dungeon Siege v1.1  by smurphster at 22:14:08

The first official patch for Dungeon Siege was released yesterday. You can grab Dungeon Siege v1.1 from DungeonSiege.com or connect to ZoneMatch in the game and it will automatically download the update. Please be careful when downloading the patch. There are 2 versions of the patch out there. One that will update the game from v1.0 (retail) and another that will update from v1.09.2 (the second beta patch). If you downloaded the first beta but not the second, it looks like you're out of luck.

Thursday 4 July 2002 

New Betas Released  by smurphster at 16:38:31

The Dungeon Siege Update Beta v1.09.2 and the Siege Editor Beta v1.09.2.318 were released last night. Swing on over to DungeonSiege.com and see what they have to say.

Wednesday 3 July 2002 

Yesterhaven  by smurphster at 22:12:08

The third world of Ehb has been released on the CD of August's issue of PC Gamer. The world is named Yesterhaven and is located in the northwestern edge of the Kingdom of Ehb. The new map has new quests and creatures so if you've been looking for something to spice up Dungeon Siege, this is your ticket.

I can't seem to find anywhere to download it from. If I do, I'll be sure to post it. In the meantime, you can always buy a copy of PC Gamer (sorry, you brits are out of luck).

The next beta patch is getting closer to release. There's a list of what the patch includes in the news on DungeonSiege.com.

Friday 24 May 2002 

W00t! Patch 1.09B Beta Released today!  by Cybo at 03:57:07

FINALLY! We have a patch! Or a beta version at least. There have been numerous software and hardware compatability issues resolved with this patch and I think that we can really start to see what GPG is capable of handing us further on down the line. Grab the patch here.

Tuesday 21 May 2002 

Dungeon Siege v1.1  by smurphster at 03:02:08

The first Dungeon Siege patch has been announced and should be out this week according to Dungeonsiege.com. Hopefully the first patch will tweek this nearly bug-free game. The development team really seems to have their priorities straight so this patch should be good.

A beta of the Siege Editor has also been released along with tutorials to go with it. For more information on the Siege Editor and the v1.1 update, visit Dungeonsiege.com.

Wednesday 15 May 2002 

Dungeon Siege site launched  by smurphster at 21:33:05

What? Dungeon Siege? On Actiongames?

That's right. Dungeon Siege is currently the only RPG hosted on Actiongames. We have an energetic staff lined up that will bring you some great guides, tips, and hopefully some mods. Feel free to post comments to news posts and please visit our forum. Any help is appreciated!

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