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Wednesday 1 October 2003 

The little train that could: TBM  by smurphster at 19:39:18

mSparks is still working hard on his bots for AQ2. A new version is out (1.7b), you can grab that from the TBM site. mSparks mentioned a new release coming soon as well. I'll have some eye candy for you soon!

On a side note, I'd like to have some RQ3 news on TNN as well. If you keep up with that scene, drop me an email and keep me (us) posted!

Friday 21 February 2003 

AQ2 LTKTBM Edition  by GBee at 14:04:25

The following news comes from mSparks, developer of the ltktdbm bot.

"ltktbm is shortly becoming AQ2 LTKTBM Edition. This means you dont need any installation of aq2 or quake 2 to play, you get a powerfull new gfx and sound engine and of course the single player aspect of the ltktbm bots, along with the proven playability of AQ2.
We currently have an internal test release floating around and I have just released a patch to fix a few issues, We're getting very close to being complete, so, if anyone is interested in helping test before we release head on over to The website and keep an eye out for new news, I'm hoping to get a mirror up for the 55MB alpha install ASAP."

Wednesday 15 January 2003 

LTK/TBM Released  by smurphster at 18:42:45

mSparks has been working hard on his new project he calls The Borg Matrix (TBM). His long-term goal is to improve LTK bots. The current alpha version actually makes the bots less intelligent but don't brush this off. The new dll is far more stable than LTK 1.22 and has some added features that make running an LTK server sensible. You can now set how many clients are on the server (similar to Unreal Tournament) OR you can set how many bots to stay on each team. I am currently running a test server for the bots. The address is:

Along with the first release, mSparks has also released improved route files and an application that compiles the files for you (the game will also compile these). Currently all of popuPak is supported but more maps are on their way. If you have old .ltk files, this program will compile them too (or the game will compile them but this takes several minutes). Head on over to the LTK/TBM site and have a look for yourself.

Thursday 5 December 2002 

Murder 2 Released  by smurphster at 15:58:05

The boys at AQMD released Murder 2 by FiReWaLKeR on Tuesday. I ran through the map and, although I think FiReWaLKeR could do better, the map is definitely the quality I like to see. So head on over to AQMD and have a look.

Tuesday 22 October 2002 

Murder 2?  by smurphster at 21:54:35

Idle from AQMD received word that FiReWaLKeR[TDm] (creator of Murder) is currently working on Murder 2. Most AQ2 players are fans of the original Murder so after years of waiting, Murder 2 is a short way down the road. It will be another city map but don't frown, everyone is expecting it will live up to the original Murder which was far from the ordinary city map. For more information, visit AQMD.

Monday 15 July 2002 

LTK Source Code  by smurphster at 22:05:51

After weeks of searching, we finally got a hold of the source code for LTK v1.22. A big thanks goes out to Idle of AQMD for sending me the source.

Head on over to the LTK files page to download the source.

Tuesday 4 June 2002 

Map Contest Results  by smurphster at 17:48:52

Well it looks like AQMD finally finished up their Work Force Mayhem Map Contest. They announced the winners this morning. They are:

6th Place: Doughnut of Death by WaZZuP!
5th Place: Sky Scraper by GreyDeath, my friend and ex-partner in crime at AQMD
4th Place: Building Site by Sabotuer
3rd Place: Nineteen Eighty-Four by Suco
2nd Place: Morwell by Gallop
1st Place: Silitex: Renovation by my good friend Spear

Congratulations to all the participants. Head on over to AQMD to read a bit about the maps. I highly recommend downloading them all. They're all very impressive.

Saturday 4 May 2002 

AQ:ETE 4.6c is RELEASED!  by Black Monk at 07:42:46

This mainly fixes some minor Windows bugs for Windows-based servers. Go ahead and snag it for your servers, eh! No functionality changes whatsoever but there are both Linux and Windows binaries available.

Friday 19 April 2002 

AQMD map contest extended  by smurphster at 17:48:12

AQMD has extended the deadline for their mapping contest. All maps must be in by April 30th, at 12:00PM EST. I've seen a few maps and they're looking good. Keep up the hard work!

Tuesday 16 April 2002 

LTK Route Files  by GBee at 21:42:48

I've uploaded the old LTK route files previously available from the LTK Depot. The files can be reached through the LTK link on the left. The Bot files and the four LTK route bundles are not yet listed.

The list will be updated and improved when I next find the time. Please do not link to these files directly from your own sites.

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