Apr.27.1999.9:46pm EST Hammer[TECH] - "DOH!!!"
   OK, Hammer's an idiot. I accidentally erased this weekend's news updates. Sorry. Here's the link to the sniper pistol which has been changed today. The author sent me a new version, where he fixed some things.
Happy Birthday Suislide, and check out the Action half life screenshots I can't believe I did that.

    Apr.23.1999.10:46pm EST Hammer[TECH] - "STUFF AND THINGS!!!"
   OK the models on the model viewer pages are back up. We are going to take mr coat off for sucking too much :) He just doesn't cut it. Oh well. I would love it if somebody out there would make us a new model or two, though. I know it's a lot of work, but think of all the fame and fortune it would get you. You could potentially be the man!!!!! So hurry up and learn already. Thanks.
On a related note, we have an interview up with somebody who did make a model, Cloud, who made the action rally model (now with Vwep arms!!!!) Also, there is another sniper article from Rev. Spartacus, and a number of new skins for you to look at and vote on. I think we'll have drinks tomorrow at 7:30 at the tavern. Then we'll go see a movie!!!!!

    Apr.18.1999.12:42pm EST Hammer[TECH] - "MODELS, MODELS, MODELS!!!"
   So we have somebody (Cloud) working on a replacement model for the Sniper Rifle. You can check out the activate animation by clicking here!!!!! Very nice.
Also, head on over to the models section to see some models under consideration. Rally (of course), Marine, Blade, Mr. Coat, and Agent Very groovy. Now I will recieve a ton of hate mail asking when they will be released. In order to hopefully thwart this rash of mail, let me say: I don't know yet. Sorry. But we will need vwep for each of them, and it must be high quality vwep. E-mail me if you are seriously interested. Update: Somehow, the models themselves got deleted. I am looking into it. I apologize. I'm hungry. I think I'll have a quesidilla, except spelled correctly :)

    Apr.16.1999.2:52pm EST Hammer[TECH] - "Happy Birthday Dana!!!"
   Tomorrow is my fiance's birthday. I'm abusing my authority to wish her a happy birthday here.
On the official business front, s'kebe has been working hard to get the existing and pending models up for you guys to look at on the site. Check out the Models Section and hit the MDL VIEWER button on the navbar to see what I'm talkin about. Right now he's got Sydney, Messiah, M, Oddjob, and Rally. Tomorrow he plans to add Paranoid marine (soon to be edited to an action Marine, I hope), Blade, Suit, and a Mr. Coat (which just might suck. I haven't really checked it out). Then, hopefully he'll add the old models (Terror, SAS, Male, female, etc.) Then we gotta figure out how to change skins on it without having to habve a whole nother page for it. Go see the Matrix. There is no spoon.

    Apr.15.1999.8:29pm EST Hammer[TECH] - "Antiques(and taxes)"
   OK, real quickie here - I saw this on the AQDT Message Board (thanks Jester) Action Quake v.93 and .95 (with the lens command still). Unfortunately, its in another language, but maybe somebody from NOPD can help us out (Ligur?)
Oh yeah, and I finally archived the March news. C'mon Suislide, show me the way of the crazy drunk dancing guys!!!

    Apr.14.1999.4:35pm EST Hammer[TECH] - "Exodus..."
   Well, people have been fleeing the site here recently, due to personal problems and a bad case of snowboard addiction. Dardenator and Kissmet are the two most recent. We will miss them, and their efforts. We'll see about replacements, there are some uniquely qualified people being recommended. We'll see what happens in the coming weeks. Please keep sending your submissions, and we'll try to keep up with posting them. Coming soon, we'll have pages for you to view each model in 3d!!!!! (Using the MDL View javascript thingie) Dangit, I can't get the crazy running around guys I stole from Suislide to work here.

    Apr.10.1999.8:00pm CST Dardenator - "Unorthodox on vacation"
   Well i'm taking over the optionals section completely for Unorth while he's gone. He went on vacation. Don't flip out though he'll be back in a week. I just updated the Others section under optionals and i'm sure you'll want to check that out cause there is late breaking news on a new model that is going to replace the Sniper Rifle! There are also some other cool gunskins posted. Until next time, keep sending us some cool stuff!.

    Apr.02.1999.9:00pm CST Dardenator - "Optionals Section Activity!"
   I just made a pretty big update in the optionals section under Sounds, Icons & Fonts, and Crosshairs. Go on over there and check em out. I will be updating the Configs section shortly as well so stay tuned. Until then keep on sending in your stuff!!

    Apr.01.1999.3:00pm EST Unorthodox - "Happy April Fool's Day!"
   I really hope my bid went through on the planetquake site :) This is the one day where for a few hours everyone is a little more cautious and watching their backs - I got the shock of my life when the phone started ringing this morning and I whacked myself in the head with the whole unit because a certain someone crazy glued the handset to the base.. Ow. Anyway, some more activity in the Optionals section so head on over and take a peep!