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How to play Capture And Hold (CNH)

Capture and Hold (CNH) is an easy concept that people tend to stumble over. This is similar to Unreal Tournament's "Domination" mode of play. Basically, one team needs to "capture" several predefined points on a map and "hold" them for a set amount of time to score a point for their team. Generally, your team has to hold all the points for 15 or 30 seconds. If someone breaks your hold during this time, the counter is reset and once you regain control of all the points you must hold them for the full 15 or 30 seconds after you've regained control--there's no "continuing" of the time you had before.

A fairly typical CNH scenario on the map CRACKED. Note that all the hold points are in the first floor of the house:

A capture point generally has a model denoting where it is. Often times it is a little laser bar thing like you see below. Sometimes it might the Q2 "key card" model. When you first start a game of CNH, all the hold points look like this:

Move to the hold point and when you are close enough you will notice the following message:

You will know that you are close enough because the hold point model will begin to SPIN. If you see the message but the model is NOT spinning, then you aren't in the exact location and should move around slowly until you see the model begin to spin:

Once you have captured a point, the area surrounding the point will turn to the color of your team. It will either be red or blue. In this case, my team's color is blue. Also notice that the Espionage scoring encourages teamwork and helping your team achieve its goals. When I captured this hold point I got three points/frags as you can see in the upper-right of my screen:

Here's a nice view of the point I just captured:

When the opposing team captures a point, it will turn to the color opposite of my team. In this case since my color was blue, the opposing team's color is red. Everyone sees the same two colors--either your team's color is red or it is blue:

Obviously it is not in my team's best interest to allow that point to be captured by a member of the opposing team. Please note that individual points/frags are given mainly based on helping your team's objectives. For killing an opponent in or nearby one of the hold points, I got an extra point/frag. Also notice that I killed my opponent near two hold areas and therefore got two points/frags for killing him. Be warned that not always will you get points/frags for ONLY killing an opponent--you often have to kill them in a way that furthers your team objectives. Killing them at a hold point, killing them while defending your CTB case carrier, killing them while protecting your ETV volunteer, etc.

Here you can see me restoring balance to the universe by capturing my opponent's hold point:

Ah, not only did I capture it and change it from red to a nice shade of blue, but I also got three points/frags for doing it:

Here's a tip for this particular CNH scenario. The capture point on the table is rather hard to get:

Often times you'll get the "wait here for two seconds to capture" message and think you are in the right spot, but you really are not. Look how close I am... and yet the thingie is NOT spinning!

I move around a bit while watching the hold point model. Once it begins to spin I know I am in the right place and should HOLD STILL:

Yup, it's spinning:

Aha, GOT IT!:

Yes, a fine bit of work. It might seem impossible trying to capture the table in the middle of a raging battle, but it's not impossible--only extremely difficult:

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