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How to play Espionage's various gameplay modes

The following pages will take you step-by-step through the most common Espionage gameplay modes. There's bunches of screenshots. You'll like it, I promise! It is best to go in the order that the links are presented since the later sections assume you know about things that were discussed in earlier sections.

If you are reading this as part of your ETE Support Pack download, please note that to save space (the images total 2 MB by themselves!) the images are not included. Please download the ETE Docs package to get the full documentation (just the missing pictures from this section) for reference. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if I included the pictures I just KNOW everyone would be complaining about it... ;)

Capture The Briefcase (CTB) (and One Flag Capture (OFC))
Capture And Hold (CNH)
Defend the Blue Egg! (CNH)
Escort The VIP (ETV)
Get Neo to the Phones (ETV)
Assassinate The Leader (ATL)
Find, Retrieve, Defend (FRD)

As with everything, you'll get a better understanding of how to play once you've practiced playing in the gameplay modes described above. Hopefully these walkthroughs have given you a good enough general idea of things so that you can spend your time enjoying Espionage rather than trying to figure out how to play. :)

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