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How to play Find, Retrieve, Defend (FRD)

Find, Retrieve, and Defend (FRD) is like a combination of ETV and CTB. One team has a special player who picks up a case and takes the case to a special point on the map. The other team, predictably, tries to kill that special player.

This FRD scenario is for the map AVENUE1. As you know by now, the you can tell if you are the special player if your screen flashes and you have the "special player" picture flashing on the right side of your screen. Also, here are the goals for this scenario:

Basically, the special player and his or her team need to get to this truck:

Go around to the back:

Open the doors and make sure there are no opposing DEA agents waiting in ambush!

Since this is a briefcase that you need to pick up, you must switch to a pistol or a knife:

Aye, just like this:

Once you have the case, the case picture will appear and flash on your screen. Also, the case icon (only one for this scenario) will flash to let everyone know that the case has been taken:

There are two basic ways to get to where you want to go, i.e. the Limo. Here is one way:

Hang a right:

Down this passage:

Straight across to the other tunnel:

Sneak to the left of the building:

Ah, there are some windows that you can use:

Make sure your teammates have cleared and secured the area then crouch and go through the window:

You need to actually get IN the trunk to make your escape. Open the trunk:

Get in the trunk and your team has won the round! You get 10 points/frags for surviving the round as a special player and 10 points/frags for basically capturing the case by delivering it to where it needs to go:

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