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How to play Get Neo to the Phones (ETV)

This specific ETV scenario can be confusing for some people. It aims to recreate the feel of The Matrix in that one team has to get Neo to the phones in order to escape whereas the other team, the Agents, are trying to kill Neo.

Please note that in this scenario, the weapon and item selections are chosen for you and you cannot choose them yourself. You can pick up additional weapons from dead bodies, however, but you start with a predetermined set of weapons and items:

The goals for this scenario are simple. Get Neo to the phones. Someone must volunteer to be Neo for the scenario to work. If you have been selected as Neo, your screen will flash and a "Neo" picture will appear on the right side of your screen:

Agents will be trying to kill you and if you have the skin (included in the ETE Support Pack) then the Agents will look like this:

There are at least two major ways to get to the phones from where Neo and his team start out. Here is one of the ways:

Head down the hall:

Across the walkway (as a note, this is where the flag appears for ACTCITY3 OFC):

Through the door and around the corner:

Assuming your team has cleared the area of Agents, it should be safe to approach the phones:

Once you've gotten to the phones, your team wins the round!

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