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About LTK

The LTK Bot (Licensed To Kill) was written by Connor "RiEvEr" Caple.  The code is based on the ACE Bot by Steve Yeager.

The LTK Bot added a completely new dimension to AQ2, and I believe all the have used the LTK Bot would agree that from the first beta version, to the current (v1.22), there have been some very good changes and additions to the Bot, which has lead to many brilliant games of AQ2 being played.

The LTK Bot is designed for both DM and TP (with 2 teams) games.  One of the best things about the LTK Bot is unlike a lot of other Bot's you hear of during various games online, it isn't aimed at being a way of cheating, it is in fact an 'offline' aid.  The LTK Bot makes AQ2 a very good and playable game offline, and the built in skill adjustment setting allows for beginners to find their feet before jumping straight into the online world of AQ2.

The download for the LTK Bot is officially available through our LTK Download Page.

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