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AQDT Announcement

As you know, Capture the Briefcase has been a hot topic in the aq2 community. Many people are wondering: is it going to happen? Yes, it will.

TP2: (Internal Codename)

Teamplay 2, is going to be just like regular capture the flag. Two briefcases, two capture points. Our standard map that we'll be making TP2 for will be Blockwar, the reason for Blockwar is the fact that there is CTF flag spawn points already in the map. The other pluses with this map is that it's extremely big and plenty of places to hide or stash yourself; also the fact that it has an EXCELLENT design and keeps the r_speeds nice and low.

We, AQDT, have decided it would be best to come up with the rules that will make a fun, fair, and challenging game. Although the rules are not set in gold, you will get the general idea behind them, we are trying to make them simple as we can. But it will be essential for the people to read the documentation for the new commands/finished rules.

In order to pick up the brief case AND carry it you must be holding a hand gun or a knife. Just like real life, kind of hard to weird an automatic with a mp5 or m4 :). Also, we believe this will help along with teamplay; ie: if your team does not cooperate your ass will be creamed.

Another rule in place is when you die you stay in DEAD mode until 33% of your team is dead. Then you get respawned with 100% healtha nd all your weapons/items.

To get ammo in the game people will be dropping clips instead of guns. So if someone has an mp5 and a clip in reserve there will be 2 mp5 clips on the ground, a knife and a handgun. Same thing with everything else. This should help the people who have bandolier and can pick up excess ammo for their defensive crew.

Hopefully, this will also help with teamplay. Imagine a sniper perched up on a building and taking down guys. Someone with a bandolier can pick up the ammo and drop off some to the sniper.

TP2 will just be like Teamplay, but goal orientated. These rules are NOT set in stone, so they can change. We all agreed on a few rules for continuity (where is my damn theasarus? :)) :

We will _NEVER_ modify the weapon spreads, strength, or ammo count.
We will _NEVER_ modify the way you get hit or die (ie: change the bounding boxes)

We will _NEVER_ screw around with ANY changes unless we get permission from Fireblade and Zucchini, AND from the A-Team.

Our plans for now is to just work on the code, we plan on using simple objects for the briefcase (the power cube from baseq2 pak files). But here is what you should expect in the near future:

Briefcase model (made by Gooseman!)
Vwep Briefcases for ALL supported Aq2 models.
Clientside update to Aq2

To make this successful we must cooperate with the A-Team. Because the final version will require a client side update for all updated vwep skins and BC model. Bartender knows about our doings and even chips in some good ideas.

If you think I told you EVERYTHING that we're doing, you're wrong! :) We have other projects that will be working on after we complete TP2 (can you say TP3? oh yeah) and another mod that people may like :)

Again, these rules are not set in gold. We will be playing with the rules around to make sure everything is fair. And just like Axshun, the public will get to play TP2 on my server (lostinfo.com) and on other servers too!

All i can say for now is, if you are a mapper and are currently making nice, BIG maps. Please include Flag spawn points in 'strategic' places. We will be using blockwar as our 'standard' map for now. If I manage to find Ruskprick's email address i will email him asking to make City2 where all he would do is just place flag spawn points in City.

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