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4.6j Released! - August 23th, 2003

Yes, it's here. Bug your admins to upgrade, especially PearlMankey and tU :). A couple of things:

1) I modified the TP spawn algorithm so no team is allowed to get the same spawn twice in a row. With SPAWN_FURTHEST enabled, this may lead to some spawn combinations that previously weren't available. This may be fun or it may suck. Let me know.

2) The linux binary looks to be glibc only. I just used whatever was on fear. It runs with quake2-nc-glibc, but not quake2-nc-libc. If someone needs a more backwards compatible version, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I want to give a big thanks to all those who appreciate my work. Especially you MP guys. Your support really drives my motivation to put effort into fixing the crashes and exploits.

Changes since 4.6i:


* Fixed win32 scripts crash (and hopefully other random crashes)

* Added cvar allowDMWeaponChoice to allow teamplay-style choice of starting equipment in deathmatch

* Added %J to mean last person hit (same as %K in ETE)

* %F now means direction (i.e. facing)

* %D means last hit location (use to be direction)

* Fixed %K getting lost while floodlocked, silenced, etc.

* Teams are not allowed to have the same spawn two rounds in a row




Linux (glibc only?):


- Hal9000

4.6g in testing - July 13th, 2002

Just a minor tweak this time.

- Black Monk

4.6f in testing - July 3rd, 2002

We... live... AGAIN! Actually, Hal's been working on ETE all this time but I've been too lazy to get off my big stinky butt and update anything. The docs have updated version history but the highlights in 4.6d, 4.6e, and 4.6f include... uh, actually, a whole bunch of stuff. Check the docs online, eh.

- Black Monk

4.6c released (finally!) - May 4th, 2002

Some fixes for issues on the Windows platform. Snag 'em if you don't run Linux. There's no functional differences, just some bugfixing. The binaries ONLY are linked below and the rest of the files on the download page have been updated to include the 4.6c binaries and minor document updates.

Linux binary: gamei386-46c.zip (261 KB)

Win32 binary: gamex86-46c.zip (248 KB)

- Black Monk

4.6c in testing - April 13th, 2002

A slight issue was found with AQ:Arena mode in Win32. Linux/FreeBSD works perfectly. 4.6c fixes the Win32 issue and once we're sure it won't format your HDD or something like that, the binary files will be available to download. This is only of interest to those running Win32 servers. Again, Linux servers do not have any problems.

- Black Monk

4.6b released (for real this time) - April 9th, 2002

Well, Hal slipped in an extra improvement for Espionage CTB mode. The full downloads have been updated. If you already got the 4.6a packages, just get the binaries listed below--the rest of the files are unchanged.

Linux binary: gamei386-46b.zip (260 KB)

Win32 binary: gamex86-46b.zip (248 KB)

- Black Monk

OOPS! - April 8th, 2002

The released packages might only have the 4.6 binaries, not the 4.6a binaries. DOH! These will be taken care of when I get home from work later tonight (2 AM, EST) and I will have the binaries available as a separate download so you don't need to redownload all the 2 MB support packages again. I apologize, my mind was not working today...

You can get the current files today and tomorrow just get the binaries by themselves. It shouldn't be a big deal, hopefully.

- Black Monk

4.6a RELEASED!@# - April 7th, 2002

There are some new sections in the docs and on the website to hopefully answer more of the questions we seem to get about setting up servers and how to play Espionage.

For those who had OLD copies of Espionage 4.4a, 4.3d, 3.3a, 3.3, 3.2, and think you already have all the needed client files/models/textures/pictures, you need new packages. I checked the old scenarios to make sure they are all "fixed" and proper. Some models were likewise updated and "fixed" in a few places. The old scenarios and models had some minor errors that only manifested themselves in later versions of ETE. As of 4.6a, these should be the last ETE Support Packs/models you need to download to support any future release. It will be easier to troubleshoot and problems you might have if we know you have the 4.6a ETE Support Pack.

Some of the new features of ETE 4.6a:

  • Integrated AQ:Arena!
  • Improvements to the TE (match mode) scoreboard
  • Should prevent/reduce the limchasecam "mini-wallhack" in matches
  • TE ping calculation updated for OGL rules and for 7+ players
  • Stability improvements for large numbers of players
  • Remembers where you are in the map rotation when you "rcon map"
  • Improved "ignore" functionality--ignore more than one person and radio spammers too!
  • Ability to view the current map list to see what's next--even when list not in MOTD
  • Enhancements to help machinima creators
  • DMFLAGS now work up to 32-bits in size, servers can now use maximum proxy protection
  • General improvements to help stop players from overflowing
  • A bunch of overall improvements to Arena, Espionage, and TE mode
  • Deathmatch spawn protection--helps eliminate spawn camping
  • Enhanced Referee function for TE and ETE modes
  • TE mode can work with Teamplay AND Espionage modes now, nicely too
  • Some various "rcon sv" commands that are of use
  • Lowlag sounds can be disabled (why would you want to?)
  • Some new % commands, %%, %K, %D
  • Anti-name impersonation safeguard
  • End of round FF, shoot and kick your teammates!
    (idea from Gamblor or JBravo, I forget)
  • Some TNG commands aliased to ETE commands
    ("ignorenum" to "ignoreid" and "menu" to "settings")
    This will hopefully help players used to TNG/Edition adjust to ETE more easily.
  • Other random stuff y'all don't care about. :)

- Black Monk

Where to install? - April 7th, 2002

The question came up recently as to where to install AQDT files? If you look inside the ZIP files you will see that they assume "action" as the main folder. This means that unless you want \quake2\action\action\players for instance, you should extract the files into "quake2" not "action" as some people have apparently been doing. In WinZIP you can check the stored directories and paths for all the files to the right of the files.

AQMD ZIPs extract direct into "action". AQDT ZIPs extract direct into "quake2".

This information is in the new FAQ section and also at the top of the Downloads section.

- Black Monk

How to install the ETE Support Pack? - April 7th, 2002

pics\bcase_i.pcx not found? If you got the ETE Support Pack and still have this problem...


If you don't know how to do this, then get the "Easy ETE Support Pack" which is just a ZIP file, no PAK files. While some people like the organizational properties of PAK files and stuff, other people never read instructions or don't notice that the PAK file is named something else. So... if there's a problem, just get someone to use the "Easy" file to install from. Yay!

If the briefcases look RED when someone picks them up but normal otherwise, you need to get a small update. For any new players, the ETE Support Pack and Easy ETE Support Pack have both already been fixed so you can disregard this:

ete-redcasefix.zip (30 KB)

A list of skins used by the most common scenarios can be found here:

Skins used in most Espionage scenarios

All the skins are in the ETE Support Packs so you shouldn't have to worry about 'em. Lemme know which ones you're missing if you are missing any after getting the Packs.

- Black Monk

Request for ML locations - April 7th, 2002

If anyone is interested in making ML location files, please let me know. This would benefit AQ:ETE, AQ:TNG, and also AQ:ML since they all use the same format now. You must use the AQ:ML server binary to create the location files, but both ETE and TNG can use the resulting files. :) Look in the "howto" section on the ML site for a tutorial on making ML files. It even has pictures, eh, what more could you want?!?

AQ:ML - http://www.algonet.se/~ml2/action/ml/

- Black Monk

Website and ETE Docs updated - April 7th, 2002

This is for the release of 4.6a. Old news was moved to the archives.

- Black Monk

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