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Action Arena

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AQ:ETE's Arena mode

The server must set "arena 1" and change to a new map to be in Arena mode.

1 on 1 combat, Action style.

Join the queue, shoot the other guy. Repeat.

If both players get killed, they both go to the end of the queue.

Menu options should be self-explanatory.

Just like in DeathMatch, you can set your own model and skin by using the "skin" command.

Example: "skin homer/homer" "skin sas/sas2"

All ETE exploit/bug fixes and new commands can be used here. "showradiosource", "ignorenum", "maplist", "lowlag", etc.

SERVER OPS: Recommended maxclients is 8. Just like DeathMatch, Arena 1v1 mode can get boring if there are too many players.

Useful console commands for players:

team q - join the queue
team none - leave the queue
queue - print the queue

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