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Old News from April 10th, 1999 to June 9th, 1999

AQ: Tournament Edition - Update ( 0.92 ) - June 9th, 1999

Ok, sometime tonight or tomorrow we'll have 0.92 in Win32 and linux versions. This is a supported release, not an unsupported beta, so feel free to email me at the link above or inghaw (for linux problems) at [email protected]

Basically, this version is stable and pretty much exploit-free (the last few will be fixed in 0.93).

Also, welcome Inghaw to the offical ranks of the AQDT, he's actually humble, which might balance out Fool Killer finally :�.

- Homer

AQ: Tournament Edition - Update ( 0.91beta ) - May 25th, 1999

Ok, 0.91 is done, fixing most stupid stuff I did, and NT compatible, and blah blah blah. Linux problems should be addressed to [email protected] To get the linux version click here or for the Windows version (which now works under NT) click here.

Again, for those who just want to play TE, check out the online Readme.

Next version will have a menu to handle all the new settings and cvars. Also some other stuff. Suggestions and requests are still welcome.

- Homer

AQ: Tournament Edition - Update - May 19th, 1999

AQ: Tournament Edition v0.9beta was released Saturday, but we managed to mess things up. We now have the right versions working, thanks to inghaw (who also made the initial error in compiling the wrong source! Spam mail should be directed to [email protected] ) To get the REAL linux version click here or for the Windows version (which now works under NT) click here. Again, it'll be on ftp as soon as possible.

For those who just want to play TE, check out the online Readme

- Homer

New Project: AQ: Tournament Edition - May 15th, 1999

Wow, we seem to keeping up with our bimonthly site updates! ;)

AQ: Tournament Edition v0.9beta is now out in Win32 and Linux versions. This is a long delayed project of mine, working with Black Cross [NL] from AQ:G-Team. We're working on adding the few features we don't have already, but we want some feedback. To get the linux version click here or for the Windows version click here.

-=AQ:E News=-

In real news, AQ:E is progressing nicely. In the 3.2 versions, we're going to have more script options and some admin fucntions such as map voting. Poor fex is working for a living now, I guess he has a slightly higher workload now.

- Homer

New Project: Low Lag Action Quake - April 30th, 1999

Here is a new item from Hal[9k]

In response to a brief discussion yesterday, AQDT brings you an experimental version of AQ that should reduce the nasty lag associated with huge firefights. Essentially the way the weapon sounds are handled has been changed to be more efficient and bandwidth-friendly. Servers just need to run the new dll. Any clients that connect need to get the small client pack - it's basically the normal AQ weapon sounds renamed to fit the new sound scheme and should have no effect on regular AQ servers.


The files:

x86 Server -=- i386 Server -=- Client Download -=- Source Code

- fex

AQ:E Scenario Depot open for business - April 15th, 1999

The Scenario Depot is open and will be headed up by inghaw. Please visit the page to download the various scenarios. Scenario creators you can submit your scenarios at this site as well. For more info head on over to the Scenario Depot.

- fex

AQ:E Gamespy Tab & Scenario Info - April 11th, 1999

There is now a gamespy tab available for download for AQ:E you can pick that up here or on our files page.

There will be a new section to this site in a few days and it will be focusing on AQ:E Scenarios. People will be able to download different scenarios that have been submitted to us by their creators. I have already received two scenarios from Blaze they will be available for download soon. This section will be a work in progress, we will start off slow and see how it goes. If people want to write up some reviews of the scenarios please do and send them to me so I can post those as well.

Scenario creators, if you wish to submit your scenarios to be posted on the scenarios site please email them to [email protected]. Please include your name, name of the scenario, type of scenario ie. CTB, ATL etc., what map and or special skins are required and any other info you feel is important.

- fex

AQDT Releases Action Quake: Espionage, code name AQ:E - April 10th, 1999

-=Software Release=-

The time is finally here! Tonight we are releasing our project entitled Action Quake: Espionage (AQ:E) commonly known as CTB.

AQ:E is a flexible, teamplay objective system for Action Quake. With AQ:E you can create your own scenarios and or use the current scenarios that we have included, CTB, ATL (Assassinate The Leader), ETV (Escort the VIP), and many more.

The Server and client packs are available for download on our files page.

AQDT would like to thank everyone who helped out on this project and also to all the people that have been playing AQ:E on the beta servers reporting bugs and offering their suggestions. Without you guys this project really wouldn't mean much.

-=Future Projects=-

We have some other projects in the works. I am not at liberty at this time to discuss them, but I will post some new news on this subject in the near future.

- fex

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