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Old News from June 10th, 1999 to August 8th, 1999

AQ: TE 1.2a Release - August 8th, 1999


After some LONG delays, AQ:TE 1.2a is finally here in Linux format. Get it at:

Features are fully documented and are also available online by clicking the "TE" button above.

Windows binary will be available soon. Please note that there is an issue with the current release where the server still falls into an infinite loop sometimes while waiting for the vote for the next map. Another version is planned very soon. But given some unavoidable delays, I felt the current code was stable enough to release for use in matches.

- inghaw

AQ: TE Update - July 24th, 1999

Alright. Here goes.

First: The port to 1.52 will be done soon, as well as other improvements to the original TE and bugfixes. Expect a week or two.

Second: We're looking into the 2 major issues identified so far: a bug where the server waits repeatedly for a map vote (cause: ?), as well as an "issue" reported where the game "misses" a +attack.

Work is progressing at an OK rate. Expect lots of improved features in the next release, including more settings menu options.

- inghaw

AQ: Espionage v3.3 - July 11th, 1999

Update: quick bug fix in the server - download 3.3a

AQDT proudly presents AQ:Espionage v3.3. This version of our scripted teamplay mod for Action Quake sports a number of bug fixes new scenarios, and new features, including the following:

  • Server comands for scenario selection
  • Gibbing for handcannon and sniper headshots
  • Map voting
  • Custom weapon loadouts
  • Periodic respawns
  • Capture-and-Hold objective
  • "Clue" feature for special players
  • Optimized weapon sounds
  • Nifty scoreboard
  • Support for different flavors of CTF entities
  • Location information in chat messages

Select the appropriate file from below and unzip/untar it into your quake2 directory. Dedicated servers need only get the server file for their OS. Client operators need only get the client file, unless you want to be able to run a server as well. If you've already downloaded the client files for AQ:E 3.2, then just grab the upgrade files. Included in the new client is a file called pakN.pak, which should be renamed to an unused filename in the range pak0.pak-pak9.pak.

- hal9000

AQ: Tournament Edition 1.0-RELEASE - June 15th, 1999


Sorry for the delay.


I've become aware of a slight bug in the distribution (not reported, but in the course of a bug audit). It's slight and non-fatal, but annoying to say the least. I've already responded and fixed the bug. Please re-download the file from the link below if you have already downloaded AQ:TE. Sorry for the inconvenience. The Windows veresion should contain the bugfix when released.


Wow, a flurry of updates recently. Well, I am once again here to update you on the AQ:TE status (I hope this doesn't become a habit, heh heh). The AQDT team is proud to bring you, in conjunction with the AQ:G team, the 1.0-RELEASE of Action Quake: Tournament Edition. Sporting full-fledged features that every tournament edition of any mod should have, AQ:TE is sure to make the clanmatch world a heck of a lot easier. Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate mishap, the only binary currently available for download is the Linux binary. The Windows binary will be available for download in the morning. You can grab it at the following download location:

As usual, report any problems to [email protected] or [email protected] as soon as possible. A shout out to all those who made this possible, including all those who took the time to beta-test the scoreboard (my piece of code) and show how incompetent I really am.

One last thing. AQ:TE will be the only AQDT mod not sporting the low-lag feature that Hal introduced a while ago. This was a decision made in part to prevent clients from having to download extra stuff. So, to reiterate, no client downloads are necessary for TE.

You can read the online documentation here.

-= Other AQDT News=-

Action Quake: Arena: Coming along very well. Apparently a lot of the architecture is already in AQ, so most of the work is in the structure of the gameplay.

Action Quake: Espionage: Coming along great. I don't know too much about this end of the AQDT project line, but Hal says it's coming along great, and I believe Hal, because everybody should.

Low Lag Action Quake: Yes.

On another note, work is proceeding on a monster, unified binary (dll/.so) that will contain all the AQDT modifications and allow server ops to switch mods on a whim by changing a cvar, rather than having to swap back and forth between different dll's or .so's.

That's it for now.

- inghaw

LowLag Sounds - June 14th, 1999

Apparently there is some confusion as to how to handle the sounds when the LowLag stuff is running. First, unzip the client pack into your quake2/action directory. The sounds will be automatically deposited into the appropriate subdirs from there.

Second, if you want to use custom sounds, then you need to name the sound files as follows under your action directory:

Lowlag Sound Naming Scheme

This pretty much screws people who have sounds in .pak files, but not much can be done other than reconstructing the .pak file with the appropriate directory and file names. Maybe we can get Fireblade to incorporate this as "official" sometime.

- hal9000

AQ: Arena - Beta Release ( 0.00000001 ) - June 12th, 1999

AQ: Arena is in its infant test stages. Hopefully we will have a stable test version out soon. In the meantime, hop on #actionquake2 and we might be running a test of it. On a side note, if you find yourself on a server running one of AQDT's packages (AQ:Espionage, AQ:Tournament Edition, AQ:Arena) and the sounds seem to be from regular Quake2, try installing the LowLag Client Pack. It's most likely that the server is running our sound bandwidth optimization, which requires the weapon sounds to be renamed to those from baseq2.

- hal9000

AQ: Tournament Edition - Beta Release ( 0.92 ) - June 10th, 1999

Homer's not around right now, so apparently I am doing the update. AQDT proudly brings you the first fully supported beta of Action Quake: Tournament Edition. You can get them from the following links:

Please report any problems to [email protected] or [email protected] as soon as possible. This version is distinct from the previous releases in that this is a near-release beta, in that aside from bugfixes, there will be very few additional features added unless it becomes apparent that one is needed. So please help us beta-test this through and through, as always, we'd like to crunch out the final release with as few bugs as possible.

-= Other AQDT News=-

There has been suggestions of a RA2 sort of variant for AQ2, "Action Quake: Arena." This is being discussed, and looks likely. As of now, however, AQ:TE and AQ:E are still the top priorities.

Since I've sort of deleted the previous news posts way down there, here are the important news from AQDT you should also know:

Action Quake: Espionage, the flagship AQDT project, is available for download from the files page. Please be sure to read the documentation and grab the client files. Scenario submissions please to [email protected], keep 'em coming.

Low Lag Action Quake, brought to you by Hal[9k], available for download from the following links:

x86 Server -=- i386 Server -=- Client Download -=- Source Code

- inghaw

Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002, Action Quake Developers Team