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Old News from August 8th, 1999 to November 5th, 2000

Lucy owns me - November 5th, 2000

Yes, she does, but everyone already knew that. And if not you know now.

In other news, TE 4.4 should be ready this week. And the Reaction project is now hosted by AQDT for the present time, you can find it at http://aqdt.fear.net/reaction/

- Homer

TE 4.4 in production - October 22nd, 2000

Yes, after a few months of our traditional slacking, we (loosely defined as always) have been working on a new TE version to address stuff that's come up since the last time circumstances pushed us into action. Welcome Tsunami to the growing list of people who have more or less done the work I've asked/told/begged them to do while I try to do stuff.

In other more or less relevant news, I start working for IBM in a week, fex and homo haven't changed, Fool Killer is a working stiff these days, and hal, god of coders, is working on a title that's making me want to buy an X-Box already. Check it out at www.new-legends.com if you haven't heard about this.

- Homer

Homer and Lucy had a kid, and a not so new TE version. - July 29th, 2000


*Guinevere entered the game

Guinevere Melissa Rose was born on July 22 2000, and weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz of pink wrinkled human. Congrats to Homer & Lucy on the birth of their daughter.

All the best to the Homer family, rest easy Lucy...

In other news, people have been bugging me to get this site updated with the latest TE version and since Homer is busy with a new kid I thought I'd take care of it at least for now. Without further delay, here it is, version 4.3d. It's a bit experimental from what I hear, but it should be fairly stable.

Win9x: http://aqdt.fear.net/aqe/aqete-43d-x86.zip

Linux: http://aqdt.fear.net/aqe/aqete-43d-i386.tar.gz

Once more, here's the lowlag sound patch for you guys who STILL don't have it. Get it here.

- Homosaurus

Something's finally done! - May 25th, 2000

Alright, so I'm just a LITTLE late in this, I'm working on an MCSE and my wife is very pregnant, so I've been busy, so sue me. But thanks to #aq2 bitching and moaning (Jazzy especially) I actually did something, namely ask hal to finish what I started. Thanks to him TE won't loop forever on a map vote, and snipers rejoice, the bug is apparently fixed for real. I consulted a few people who shall remain nameless, but they all said "No, its not that, it must be something else." Then hal looked, saw the mistake and said: "That's it." I feel like a dumbass, but the credentials were there so I didn't doubt them. I am REALLY tempted to rant and scream, but I'm tired as hell, so I'll just say I FIGURED IT OUT A YEAR AGO!!!! AND THEY TOLD ME IT MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE!!!! ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

There, I feel better now. For everyone who plays OGL, this IS the new official server binary, so get your match servers up to date. It includes AQ:E as well, with all those goodies.

From hal: The hybrid AQ:Espionage Tournament Edition 4.0 package is now available. This merges in TE 1.21 with AQ:E 3.6 and offers the full range of both, including DM, TP, Matchplay TP, Espionage scenarios, and Matchplay Espionage scenarios. Set the appropriate variables to enable the desired mode (teamplay, scripts, and matchplay). This includes all the new fixes that were going to go in 1.53.

New TE features/fixes include the following:

Fixed mapvoting bug
* Added informative "captain" and "ready" messages
* Fixed missed sniper shots bug
* Fixed sniper delay bug (hopefully)

New Espionage features/fixes include the following:

* 'rules' command to show match parameters
* weapon/item restriction

Win9x: aqete-40-x86.zip

Linux: aqete-40-i386.tar.gz

And for those who are hearing hyperblasters while playing, its the lowlag code from AQ:E that has been implemented. Check out details and download the patch here.

- Homer

An Announcement - January 25th, 2000

I haven't often been one for quiet diplomacy, so in this I will be direct. Effective on the release of TE 1.21 I am retiring from the mod development scene. I simply don't have the drive anymore, and my return to active playing has chewed up what used to be the time I had for coding. (And my time for sleeping as well). I'm not going anywhere, like many of the other retirements that have taken place recently. I just want to relax and not have the next version of anything hanging over my head. Thanks belong to Homo, hal, Pluton, Death Mark, inghaw, fex and Chipko, you guys own, and I'll still be acting like a lamer on ` IRC for a long time yet. Also thanks to the Bacon Force vets who suckered me into playing again, and to my new clan FFJ, especially Nightfall and Monk, who made me realize that AQ was still fun as hell. I'll be around, though you won't know it until I'm bullet spamming and taunting people. :)

Oh yeah, 1.21 will be done in the next week, the full test of beta1 went smoothly except for a scoreboard glitch, at least until the timelimit hit and the server crashed. But that'll be fixed whenever I can tear myself off daboyz long enough to have an attention span.

- Homer

You're only young once. - December 24th, 1999

This is just a little tribute to the man that breathed new life into our dying messageboard. His selfless donation of time, effort and legal software has made him a leader of the Actionquake community and someone that I am proud to call my friend. Happy birthday Fex, grab a handfull for the rest of us :)

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear fex0r

Happy birthday to you

- Homo

AQ:TE 1.3 Update (Back in the saddle again) - August 8th, 1999

Well, time to get back on track. I've been busy, really really busy. (Wife, kid, job, school, you try finding time to code in there) But time is slowly becoming more available/usable these days, and TE 1.3 is calling me. Therefore I'll be working on it as much as possible over the next while. As always, I'll take suggestions any time (my new receive address is now [email protected]). More updates will follow once I have a definitive todo/features list.

Just as a note, the vote loop bug has been found (blame the freaky Norwegian on that one). It WILL be fixed in 1.3 (if enough people whine I'll recompile 1.2 with a fix but that's getting a little complicated for some admins to keep up with. :P

- Homer

Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002, Action Quake Developers Team