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Robbie Boy and many of the staff have since moved on. The site will continue to exist for as long as possible. Small updates and news will still be made by new staff members and volunteers while they are interested.


About this site

This site has been designed to help all of those new to Action Quake 2.   I am hoping that this site will take off, but for it to do so, I am relying on feedback from all of you guys and gals.   This is your site, so help me out from time to time by sending me suggestions, constructive criticism or whatever you like.   Hopefully I will be able to reply to each and every mail I receive, at least that's what I would 'like' to do.   Time will tell!

I'm hoping that you will all find lots of helpful information and useful downloads that will get you started in Action Quake 2.   So, when you are ranked number 1 in the world, you'll think back and say "God, I'm glad someone went to the trouble of making that site!".

It will take a little while before everything is running smoothly here, but the updates will be regular, and the news page will keep you informed of any changes.


Robbie Boy


The following people have all contributed and made the Newbie's Niche what it is.  With out there help and support we couldn't have done this.


When I looked at this page and saw what RobbieBoy had written I noticed that there was one thing missing, being the modest bugger that he is he hadn't put his own name down. Well, I'm now correcting that error. RobbieBoy is the person responsible for The TNN website, the AG website and the TNN clan, as well as for bringing us together. He's currently working on various areas of the site but mainly the LTK section churning out an enormous amount of route files and he has in fact recently arranged for TNN to be the official LTK route depot. He's held us together through the good and the bad and without him the Niche simply would not be here today.
RobbieBoy, we salute you.
- [8]


Warren started his career at the Niche by joining the clan, I remember the email!  During my 'departure' period, Warren took over control of The Newbies Niche, and also the ActionGames site, and helped many other people start new sites.  His continued WebMastering of TNN, and his work running the TNN clan are a great asset to this site, I'm not sure how much he realises it, but his work here is massively appreciated by myself.


Chris again started off as a clan member, he proved himself to be a very honest and trustworthy member of our group, and currently runs the Discussion Zone at the Niche.  Chris has a great quality of bring calm and sense to many heated discussions, showing us young 'uns the errors of our way - or me at least!


Robbie came out of the blue!  We met in a NG one day and laughed over the confusion caused by our similar names!  Robbie made us an offer to do our artwork, and I jumped at the chance, I gave him some rough ideas of what I had in mind and within a couple of days there were 6 logo's to choose from.  Since then, he has created more buttons and logo's for the site, and in my opinion is a fantastic artist.


Another clan member turned site staff!  Stuart has taken over the downloads on the Niche as well as the server information pages, he has also written some code recently to improve the efficiency of the automated pages.  Another asset to the site.


Jon runs the Map side of things here at the Niche, he also Moderates the Maps forum at the Discussion Zone.  Along with his ongoing work at the Niche, he is also author of the "to be released" map 'CarPark', currently under testing at the AQMD.  Nice one.


And another one!  Sean has recently taken over the 'Guides' at the Niche, as well as incorporating the new 'Tweaks' section.  Lots of hard work has been put into this area of the site, Sean's even made it a separate section from the main site with it's own logo and news!  Good work mate.


Ryan currently works on the LTK section at the Niche with myself.  He kept the section operational whilst I was a.w.o.l, and kept the route files available and up together.


Mike wrote our original 'Lan Guide', a fantastic piece of work, covering all that was needed to set up your own servers for AQ2.  From there Mike took over the Map Voting and Map Downloads sections of the site.  Through thick and thin Mike has been there for me offering help and advice, and spotting many of my broken links and typo's!

Tradegy Trousers

Erik wrote the original guides section for the Niche.  It was aimed at helping both the newbie and veteran AQ2 players.  He also kept the server information up to date by checking the various AQ servers, and made general announcements to the NG's.


Rabid is the creator of 'FireTeams'.  It all started in a NG discussion, and within days there was a new mod for AQ.  Rabid's 'FireTeams' site is hosted at the Niche, and although there hasn't been many updates recently, Rabid has worked hard on his project.

And all the others.........

There are also many other people who have offered advice, support and ideas to the Newbie's Niche to which we thanks them all.  And to the visitors to this site, thank you for your continued support, with out you, this site would not be.

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