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Downloadable Scripts

This section contains scripts that you can add to your config, simply select the script that you want, adjust the keys as neccessary and paste it into your config. Certain values are repeated and therefore you must make sure that if you change one that you change the rest, otherwise the script will not work

Sniper Zoom

Original Script: Came With AQ2
Edited By: After_[8]

//Sniper rifle
alias 2x "weapon;sensitivity 8.5;echo ...2x...;bind kp_plus 4x;bind kp_minus quick1a"
alias 4x "weapon;sensitivity 6;echo ...4x...;bind kp_plus 6x;>bind kp_minus quick1b"
alias 6x "weapon;sensitivity 3;echo ...6x...;bind kp_plus 1x;bind kp_minus quick1c"
alias 1x "weapon;sensitivity 10;echo ...1x...;bind kp_plus 2x;bind kp_minus quick1d"
bind kp_plus 2x

//Zoom out to 1x fast
alias reset1x "sensitivity 10;bind kp_plus 2x;bind kp_minus quick1d;echo ...Quickly zooming to 1x..."
alias quick1a "weapon;wait;wait;weapon;wait;wait;weapon;reset1x"
alias quick1b "weapon;wait;wait;weapon;reset1x"
alias quick1c "weapon;reset1x"
alias quick1d "echo ...already at 1x zoom..."
bind kp_minus quick1d

bind kp_enter "sensitivity 10;bind kp_plus 2x;bind kp_minus quick1d;echo ...Sensitivity and Sniper reset..."

set sensitivity "10"

//Keypad + => Zoom In
//Keypad - => Zoom Out To 1X
//Keypad Enter => Reset sensitivity (In case of death or round end)
//10 => 1X Sensitivity
//8.5 => 2X Sensitivity
//6 => 4X Sensitivity
//3 => 6X Sensitivity

Crosshair Changer

Original Script:After_[8]

//Crosshair changer
bind space "xhair1"
alias xhair1 "crosshair 2;bind space xhair2"
alias xhair2 "crosshair 3;bind space xhair3"
alias xhair3 "crosshair 0;bind space xhair4"
alias xhair4 "crosshair 1;bind space xhair1"

//Space => Cycle crosshairs

Multiple Demo Recorder

Original Script: Came With AQ2
Edited By: After_[8]

//Demo Recorder
alias demstop1 "stop; echo ...Demo Stopped...;wait;wait;wait;demstop2"
alias demstop2 "echo ...Press 'TAB' again to start next demo in sequence..."
alias dem1 "echo Starting Demo1; record demo_01; alias next_demo dem2"
alias dem2 "echo Starting Demo2; record demo_02; alias next_demo dem3"
alias dem3 "echo Starting Demo3; record demo_03; alias next_demo dem4"
alias dem4 "echo Starting Demo4; record demo_04; alias next_demo dem5"
alias dem5 "echo Starting Demo5; record demo_05; alias next_demo dem6"
alias dem6 "echo Starting Demo6; record demo_06; alias next_demo dem7"
alias dem7 "echo Starting Demo7; record demo_07; alias next_demo dem8"
alias dem8 "echo Starting Demo8; record demo_08; alias next_demo dem9"
alias dem9 "echo Starting Demo9; record demo_09; alias next_demo dem0"
alias dem0 "echo Starting Demo10; record demo_10; alias next_demo demempty1"
alias demempty1 "echo ...You have exhausted this session's queue...;wait;wait;wait;wait;demempty2"
alias demempty2 "echo ...You must exit and archive existing demos before recording more..."
alias next_demo dem1

bind q "demstop1"
bind TAB "next_demo"

//TAB => Start recording demo
//Q => Stop recording demo

Run/Walk Toggle

Original Script: Came With AQ2

// Toggle to switch between walking (quieter) and running
alias run "set cl_run 1; bind SHIFT walk; echo Movement set to Running"
alias walk "set cl_run 0; bind SHIFT run; echo Movement set to Walking"
bind SHIFT walk

//SHIFT => Switch between running and walking

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