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AQDT Modified Action Quake - AQ: Espionage Tournament Edition


 * Fixed arena not unsetting matchplay and scripts
 * Fixed arena crash on win32 looking for weapons loadout
 * Fixed referee live player viewing bug


 * Goal targets dropped in hurt zones (lava, slime, trigger_hurt) are
   automatically returned


 * Added command "sv silence"
   - Prevents a player from speaking for a time
   - Usage: "sv silence playernum [time in seconds]"
   - If no time argument is supplied, default is 60 seconds
   - If a flood lock or previous silence is in effect, the specified time 
     is appended
   - Use negative values to undo or lessen a current lock
   - Silenced/floodcontrolled players may not use the radio, either
 * Unreadying from a matchplay scenario allows gameplay to continue until
   a goal is completed (e.g. a briefcase capture)
 * MOTD prints a mode-specific title for the version
   - arena -> AQ: Arena
   - matchplay -> AQ: TE
   - espionage -> AQ: Espionage
   - matchplay espionage -> AQ: Espionage TE
   - teamplay, DM -> AQ: ETE
   - all are followed the standard version number (e.g. "4.6a ETE")
 * Menus simply say "AQ: ETE" instead of "AQ: Espionage"
 * If an upcoming arena contestant leaves the field between rounds,
   a new contestant is selected immediately 

v4.6 RELEASE (or not...)


 * Tweaked 'maplist'
   - shows time remaing if 'timelimit' is set
   - displays current map if not in rotation
   - highlights current map
 * Fixed problem with multiple instances of the same map in rotation
 * Changing to a map not in rotation no longer resets the rotation order
 * Only read action.scp if 'scripts' is set


 * Added command 'maplist' to show map rotation from action.ini
 * If a loaded map is in the rotation, the rotation continues from
   there instead of starting at the beginning
 * Periodic respawns are staggered between teams
 * Damage dealt during post-round FF does not contribute to total


 * Arena doesn't count queue members as idle
 * Added cvar 'e_AllowNoclip'
   - when set, the noclip cheat is enabled
   - useful for demos, towers, etc.
 * Shifted the in-eyes chasecam back a few units
 * Converted dmflags to 32-bit integer internally to allow full usage


 * TE scoreboard tweaked for stability
   - slightly more space-efficient to mitigate overflowing message buffers
   - last-resort termination of overlong scoreboard message
 * Fixed incorrect arena streak handling


 * Arena scoreboard prints out DM-style tags for active players
   (avoids the missing pic errors)


 * TE starts throwing out highest ping at 4 players
 * TE starts throwing out 2 highest pings at 7 players
 * Fixed sporadic arena crash caused by menu races
 * Arena doesn't print uneven teams msg
 * Arena queue properly handles spaces in names
 * Arena doesn't force skins back to male/grunt
 * Tweaked team leaving messages for arena
 * Time between rounds for arena changed to be same as teamplay (default 7)


 * Aliased "ignorenum" to "ignoreid" and "unignorenum" to "unignoreid"
 * Fixed scores not updating for CONTINUOUS scenarios
 * Fixed CONTINUOUS scenarios not checking timelimit until a score happens

 * Fixed scoreboard flashing total frags in score slot


 * Tweaked arena scoreboard
   - redundant team roster no longer shown
   - improved streak display
   - scoreboard 1 shows the queue in the upper right-hand corner
 * Added "queue" console command
 * "Show Arena Queue" menu option now closes menu


 * Default 'arena' to 0
 * Fixed problem with leaving queue while active
 * Fixed problem with team none not removing player from queue
 * Tweaked arena scoring
   - personal score only incremented when a round is won
   - scoreboard shows skin, score and name of active players
   - scoreboard shows winning streaks


 * Integrated AQ:Arena
   - to enable set cvar 'arena', which supercedes teamplay, scripts, and 
   - join/leave the queue either via the menu or by 'team q' and 'team none',
   - if both players are killed or roundtimelimit expires, both players go
     to the end of the queue
   - idle timer disabled


 * 'ignore' also ignores radio messages
 * Added command 'showradiosource' 
   - prints a message for each radio sound
   - useful for ignoring radio spammers
 * Changed 'scenarios' command
   - lists maximum of 20 scenarios at a time
   - takes an argument for starting scenario
   - 'scenarios' lists 0 through 19
   - 'scenarios 12' starts at 12 through 31
 * roundtimelimit ignored for CONTINUOUS scenarios
 * Goals are not checked between during between-rounds FF
 * Removed some target finding spam
 * Reduced chance of simulspawns
 * Command 'menu' behaves the same as 'settings'
 * Shortened leader screenflash time


 * Fixed ignores getting cleared every respawn


 * Removed requirement to be on a team in order to votemap
 * Increased displayed player limit to 16 players per team
 * Knocking someone into a killzone gives credit
 * Improved ignore
   - supports multiple ignores
   - carries across levels
   - 'ignore ' 
   - 'ignoreid '  (get playernum from 'skins')
   - 'unignore ' 
   - 'unignoreid '  (get playernum from 'skins')


 * Fixed menu bug when all weapons except pistol are banned
 * Kicks work on teammates during between-rounds FF


 * Changed version to "4.4 ETE"


 * Referees can hear team chat again


 * Referee pub chat is prepended with "[REF-DEAD] "
 * Referee team chat is prepended with "[REF] "
 * Everyone hears referee team chat
 * Fixed lingering referee reference crash


 * TARGET_LOCATION can be used for spawns


 * Fixed infinite team-spawn bug
 * Fixed random integer generator erroneously returning 0..n instead of 0..n-1
 * Switching weapons negates spawn protection


 * Added source file with "stick" back to Linux makefile
 * Increased spawn protection time to 3.0 seconds
 * Spawn protection has 1.0 seconds attack button debounce
 * Player is translucent only during actual spawn protection
 * Voting is counted correctly
 * Players may change votes after casting
 * Players joining a game with respawning in progress respawn
 * Players unsubbing in a game with respawning respawn
 * Players may only change teams or sub once every 5 seconds
 * Unreadying or having an empty team throws everyone back to spectator mode


 * Added CONTINUOUS capability to default scenarios
 * Added goal message information for ELIMINATE
 * Fixed banner spam while dead
 * Disabled idle detection for scripts
 * Cleaned up end-of-map stuff when vote passes
 * Added more timestamps
 * Extended vote period to 90 seconds
 * Enabled FF between rounds
 * Added cvar e_DefaultModels (default: 0)
   - if set, each TARGET_AREA with no model set uses a red key as a 
     default model
   - if not set, no model is shown if one is not specified


 * Added server command "sv matchtime" to display elapsed time


 * Revised idle detection to count live time during a round
   - 60 second window
   - players that move, talk, hit a button (+attack,+jump), or do a console 
     command (or a key bound to one) are considered unidle


 * spawnProtect doesn't help falls


 * Spawning players are now only translucent if spawnProtect is set
 * Players are notified in matchplay if a spectator is chasecamming them
 * Subs are no longer considered for special duty
 * Players idling for 60 seconds or more are removed from their team
   - not in matchplay
   - dead players don't count
 * Added server command "sv orphan" to immediately remove a player from his
   - usage: sv orphan <player #>
   - get player # from 'status'
 * Added server command "sv teamscore" to display team scores in the console


 * Made spawn protection toggleable and added it to DM as well as TP 
   - cvar 'spawnProtect' (default: 0)
   - 2 seconds of invulnerability upon spawn
   - protected player is semi-transparent
   - firing a weapon negates invulnerability
 * Referees see who is dead or alive on both teams
 * Referees see ALL chat (public and team)
 * Special players in Espionage who overflow with matchplay set are counted as 
 * Special players in Espionage who sub out with matchplay set are counted as 
 * If a special player in matchplay overflows or subs out and no other 
   volunteers exist, an arbitrary replacement is selected
 * Ping rating in matchplay throws out highest ping for more than 2 players
 * Subs don't respawn


 * Fixed incorrect display of self-indicator on TE scoreboard
 * Disabled 'teamname' and 'teamskin' in E-TE mode
 * Fixed miscount in ML author name
 * Fixed incorrect display of player info on 2nd TE scoreboard
 * Match timer pauses when not enough volunteers are found for a match


 * useLowlagSounds defaults to 1. For those that are going to whine, 4.3k went
   up on PearlMankey, and the players said "Are lowlag sounds broken? The
   machineguns are more laggy now."
 * weaponBan now catches the lone knife if knives are banned
 * Pistols are not ejected if weaponBan includes Mk23 or Dual


 * Use TE scoreboard in E:TE mode


 * Handled suicide scripts
 * Skip weapon menu when weaponBan == all weapons
 * Skip item menu when weaponBan == all items
 * TE map voting feedback inserts returns as appropriate
 * Lowlag MOTD info is only printed when useLowlagSounds is set
 * Print author of ML location file in MOTD
 * "Time Elapsed" counter formats single digit seconds as M:SS instead of M:S
 * Added "votemap" command and a related cvars
   - "allowVotemap" determines whether command is allowed (default: 1)
   - "votemapPercentage" specifies what percentage of players must vote on
     on the same map in order for it to pass. The first map that makes the
     cut will win.
   - disabled if matchplay is set


 * 'votemenu' only works when allow_vote is enabled


 * Disallow names composed only of whitespace
 * Removed 'votemap' crash

 * Removed "say" requirement for public chat since messagemode looks just 
   like a console "say" to the code
 * Added command "impersonationok"
   - Players may allow themselves to be impersonated 
   - Default off
   - Typing command again toggles impersonation permission


 * Added cvar 'useLowlagSounds' for servers that like to use a little 
   extra bandwidth (default: 0)
 * Subs can't free chase during LCA
 * Improved fair ping calculation
 * Added command "setpass" so captains can set server passwords
   - disabled for now until security concerns can be resolved
 * Leaving a team now revokes captain status
 * Added new % commands
   - %K = last person you hit (but not necessarily killed)
   - %D = ordinal direction (North, East, etc.)
   - %% = for those times when you actually do want a %
 * Added more user-friendly team balancing
   - Default option in "Join Team" menu is now "Autobalance Teams"
   - Players may type "team balance" in the console to switch to the most
     appropriate team (which may be their own)
 * Players can't choose an existing name
 * Print real-world time between maps
 * Fixed some weaponBan/script restriction bugs
   - weapon pickups are actually restricted
   - banning pistol also bans akimbo
 * Fixed yet another weapon farming exploit
 * Added rudimentary flag status
   - Flag's icon is displayed for each team (only 2 supported)
   - Icon flashes fast for a carried item, slow for a dropped item, 
     and not at all for an item at home


 * Fixed multi-word team names and skins problem
 * If public chat is restricted, captains must use 'say'
 * Added self-indicator to scoreboards
 * Dropping a bandolier in teamplay also discards extra starting ammo that 
   hasn't been used
 * Added semiautodownload for lowlag sounds
   - Type 'lowlag' for in-game instructions (basically the same as below)
   - Use 'lowlag 0', 'lowlag 1', ... , 'lowlag 9' to get all the sounds
   - If existing lowlag sounds are present, they will be kept instead


 * Made weaponBan not latched so it can be changed on the fly
 * Added respawn location directive NEAR
   - used just like AWAY_FROM
   - specifies the N nearest spawnpoints to a target, including the target itself
   - e.g.,
     RESPAWN NEAR RedFlag 3
 * Fixed tkok to forgive pushes


 * Removed some debug messages
 * Added cvar 'e_maxVolunteers'
 * Fixed choose crash bug
   - if weapon choice is restricted, players can't choose weapons until they
     join a team, and they must use the menu
 * Fixed tkok forgiving enemies (I'm all for world peace, but....)
 * Removed TARGET_LOCATION printing for .loc files
 * Added cvar 'e_allRadio' to allow all radio sounds


 * Added cvar allowMPELPSuicide


 * Made $$ handling kindler and gentler


 * Made several cvars _not_ serverinfo (to fix "info string length exceeded")
 * Fixed $$ skin bug
 * TK's are remembered for a while after disconnecting
 * Added voluntary 'tkok' console command to forgive a TK
   - Only forgives last TK'er
   - Doesn't restore frag loss
 * Added informative messages for referee and sub
 * Added # of subs to scoreboard 1 frags/players summary line
 * Added team info to scoreboard 2 with indicators for captain, sub, and referee
 * Fixed not being able to pick up briefcase
 * Added OFFSET directive to TARGET_AREA so you can place the area's model 
    somewhere other than the center of the box
   - Specified as a vector relative to the center
   - Only valid when TARGET_AREA has a MODEL
   - e.g., to lower the key model 10 units:
       TARGET_AREA "A" ( 0 0 0 ) ( 10 15 10 ) 
       MODEL "models/items/keys/red_key/tris.md2" OFFSET ( 0 0 -10 )


 * Added %S for line of sight location reporting
 * Added support for ML-style location files
   - Works with scripts 0 or 1
   - looks for file called action/ml/<mapname>.aqg
   - TARGET_AREA and TARGET_FLAGSPAWN locations take precedence
   - location files can be found at: 
   - Be careful of filename case on Linux (e.g. BLOCKWAR.aqg)
 * Force teamplay 1 if scripts is 1
 * Added "weaponBan" cvar to restrict weapon/item usage independent of and 
    in addition to scenario specifications
   - Works with scripts 0 or 1
   - Add together components like dmflags
     #     1 M4
     #     2 MP5
     #     4 Handcannon
     #     8 M3 Shotgun
     #    16 Sniper Rifle
     #    32 Akimbo
     #    64 Knives
     #   128 Mk23 Pistol
     #   256 Kevlar Vest
     #   512 Stealth Slippers
     #  1024 Silencer
     #  2048 Bandolier
     #  4096 Laser
   - e.g., to ban M4, HC, Akimbo, and Vest: 
      weaponBan = 1 + 4 + 32 + 256 = 293
 * Added cvars "e_useDefaultScenario" and "e_defaultScenarioName" for
     default scenario support
   - Requires scripts 1
   - e_useDefaultScenario:
     # 0 - default to normal teamplay for maps where a scenario can't be found
     # 1 - use scenario specified in e_defaultScenarioName if a scenario can't 
             be found
     # 2 - use default scenario for all maps
     # 3 - use default scenario on maps in action.ini instead of action.scp
   - e.g., to default to ATL on maps without scenarios
     # e_defaultScenarioName "Assassinate The Leader"
     # e_useDefaultScenario 1
   - Make sure to #include the default scenario (e.g. #include "scenes/atl.scn")


 * Added motd message for lowlag sounds
 * Discouraged unsportsmanlike suicide
 * Changed default value of allow_vote to 0
 * Made "scripts" a serverinfo variable so browsers can filter




 * Fixed mapvoting bug
 * Fixed missed shot bug
 * Fixed unnamed nasty cheat bug
 * Added informative 'captain' and 'ready' messages


 * Fixed crash bug when bogus AWAY_FROM target is specified


 * Integrated TE 1.21

   - Changes from 1.2a to 1.21:

     * Added support for a match.ini, which will reconfigure the server maplist
       to whatever specified upon changing to tournament mode--see sample.
     * Fixed numerous bugs, including (but not limited to):
       - infinite loop voting bug (brand new, refined voting code)
       - reduced scoreboard lag and fixed incorrect displays (brand new code)
       - code optimization to reduce the "missing shot" effect


 * Added weapon usage restriction
 * Set weapon lifetimes to be longer when teams don't respawn
 * Frags are fully credited on default ELIMINATE scenarios (no targets/goals


 * Fixed non-script crash bug
 * Fixed erroneous carryovers when loadout changes (e.g. from switching
     to a team with a restricted item selected)
 * Added 'e_enhancedSlippers' cvar


 * Fixed script weapon/item specification to skip menus as needed
 * Fixed weapon/item choice restriction 
 * Added 'rules' command to show spawn and equipment rules as well as goals


 * Fixed Join Team menu line mismatch
 * Fixed psycho chasecam
 * Fixed erroneous "ate too much glass" messages when a round ends


 * Integrated with AQ 1.52 source base


 * Fixed score not being recorded on CONTINUOUS scenarios


 * Fixed crash bug when someone connects during the intermission
    right before going to the first scenario in the rotation
 * Cleaned up other places where a similar situation might occur
 * Removed "item_flag_team# doesn't have a spawn function" messages
 * Removed "info_player_team# doesn't have a spawn function" messages


 * Added support for map-specific location files for %L
   - when a map is loaded, "action/location/<mapname>.loc" is opened
   - <mapname>.loc should contain TARGET_LOCATION specifications with
      names and coordinates of interesting landmarks, e.g.
      TARGET_LOCATION "Coke Sign" ( -483 770 171 )
   - works for all forms of gameplay (AQ:E, TP, DM)
 * Removed messages for BC events - TALK TO YOUR TEAM!


 * Added %L variable for messages
   - uses target names for TARGET_AREA, TARGET_LOCATION, and TARGET_FLAG#_SPAWN
 * Fixed HOLD/HOLDALL ignoring roundlimit
 * Changed HOLD/HOLDALL informative messages to centerprint
 * Fixed HOLD/HOLDALL crash bug in non-CONTINUOUS mode
 * HOLD/HOLDALL goals now become unowned between rounds in non-CONTINUOUS mode
 * Tweaked Espionage scoreboard
 * Lowered radius for frag bonuses near a HOLD/HOLDALL goal


 * Added "e_carrierReturn" cvar (default: 0)
   - 0 means carrier can't return his team's briefcase
   - 1 means carrier can return his team's briefcase
 * Changed default of escore to 1
 * Added messages/sounds for briefcase taking/returning
 * Fixed bug where briefcase vwep lingered if client disconnects
 * Fixed crash bug on selecting respawn spot
 * Fixed Espionage scoreboard reporting incorrect totals
 * Fixed Espionage scoreboard showing "string" for team 2 special players


 * Updated scoreboard
 * Added "escore" cvar (default: 0)
   - 0 for original AQ scoreboard
   - 1 for Espionage
 * Added "e_voteWait" cvar 
   - determines how many seconds between successive vote requests
 * Added "e_mustVolunteer" cvar 
   - 0 means anyone can be a TARGET_PLAYER
   - 1 means a player needs to 'volunteer' to be a TARGET_PLAYER
 * Fixed voting getting locked up at the end of a round
 * Adjusted informative messages for HOLDALL to centerprint
 * Aliased classnames for flag spawns
   - "info_flag_team1", "info_flag_red", and "item_flag_team1" are equivalent
   - "info_flag_team2", "info_flag_blue", and "item_flag_team2" are equivalent
 * Fixed HOLD/HOLDALL goals continuing to score during intermission
 * HOLD/HOLDALL goals must now be occupied for 2 seconds before possession
 * Fixed HOLD goals getting initialized as both HOLD and HOLDALL
 * Fixed TARGET_AREA targets being improperly recognized for HOLD/HOLDALL goals
 * Added localized sounds for acquisition of HOLD/HOLDALL targets
 * Added informative messages for acquisition of HOLD/HOLDALL targets
 * Fixed weapons disappearing early in regular teamplay (again)


 * Added frag bonuses for HOLDALL


 * Added sound effects for HOLDALL
 * Updated scoreboard
 * Adjusted informative messages for HOLDALL
 * Added reddish flash for special players at the beginning of a round
 * Set quick-disappear for dropped items to be only during scripted teamplay


 * Fixed items respawning during scripted teamplay
 * Added multi-hold objective
   - HOLDALL "The Hotel" 15 "Room 101" "Room 102"
 * Added inghaw's nifty scoreboard


 * Fixed loadout not giving a player his chosen weapon when only
    the item(s) are forced with WEAPONS


 * Fixed %-$ mixup in parser output (again?)
 * Added unique loadouts for special players
 * Players must use the console command "volunteer" to make them 
    candidates for special players (anti-clueless measure)
 * Made "Weapon and item selection" the default menu choice when
    voting is enabled
 * Incorporated "LowLag" efficient sound scheme


 * Fixed PERIODIC spawning so it doesn't always use the initial spawn
 * Added entity dump to NFE.log when "no free edicts" occurs


 * Fixed voting menus to only show 5 items at a time with the
    option to move to the previous and/or next set


 * Fixed crash bug when a HOLD switched teams
 * Fixed glow effect on HOLD not changing properly


 * Added HOLD directive
   - HOLD "target area" <seconds>
     e.g., HOLD "Room 202" 60

 * Fixed head gib happening on other weapons than SSG
 * Fixed head not flying in a satisfactory fashion
 * Head gibs now disappear after 15 seconds instead of
    going into the body queue
 * Added "allow_vote" cvar (Default: 1)
 * Changed name of "Admin stuff" menu to "Voting" to avoid confusion
 * Vote notification is now centerprinted
 * Sounds are played along with voting events
 * Tweaked the menu robustness


 * Added head gib for sniper head shot


 * Fixed map voting lock bug
 * Fixed quirky bug that caused weird stuff on 2nd map in rotation
 * Fixed incorrect frag counting for scripts 1 and teamplay 0
 * Added AKIMBO and KNIVES to weapon loadout
 * Multiple loadout items now works correctly
 * Added PERIODIC option for RESPAWN


 * Added map voting
   - Must be on a team to vote
   - Hitting tab brings up a menu with "Admin" and "Weapon" options
   - The Admin menu lets you choose 
     = Next map in rotation
     = Specific map/scenario from rotation
   - If a vote is in progress, the Admin menu gives Yes and No options
   - Only one vote at a time
 * Added forced weapon/item selection
   - Usage: WEAPONS + MP5 + SILENCER (note the space after the '+')
   - Weapon, item, or both can be forced


 * Scenario name is now displayed in the teams menu
 * Enabled gibbing for Handcannon (and Grenade, but it's not working right)
 * AUTO_RETURN now works for values other than 30
 * Bounding box for zones are now only shown in sv_author mode
 * Added scenario control commands
   - "scenarios" - lists the maps and associated scenarios in rotation
   - "sv scenarios" - server version of above
   - "sv goto <scn num>" - changes to the referenced scenario number




 * Fixed timing bug when someone grabs the briefcase right after a capture
 * Changed MOTD and Menus to reflect the new name AQ: Espionage


 * Fixed stupid bug that caused infinite respawning with CONTINUOUS gameplay
 * Added smarter respawn to put respawners away from the action, but not
    too far


 * Teamplay team scores are now reported correctly
 * Added sounds for interesting events
 * Fixed lingering HUD icon for special players
 * A round won't start until all the TARGET_PLAYER_* slots can be filled
 * Not enough players on a team to fill TARGET_PLAYER_* slots
    is now handled by cancelling a round in progress


 * Fixed crash bug related to some internal bookkeeping
 * Fixed moveto so it accepts quoted target, e.g. "warez cd"
 * Fixed moveto and movespawn so they can be used with mobile targets
 * Fixed "lost" briefcase problem on TOUCH_RETURN and no return
   - a dropped briefcase that isn't picked up or returned after 120
      seconds gets moved to a random spawn point (no freebie returns)
   - AUTO_RETURN works the same
 * Added fix for "out of ammo" bug - thanks to Mike from AQ:G
 * Made some tweaks to help overflows
   - Opening a menu now cuts off motd refreshes
   - At the start of a round, just the goals are displayed (no LCA)


 * Fixed bonuses for fragging a special player and his/her escort
 * Teammates now get a (smaller) bonus when one of their 'mates captures
 * Fixed bug (?) where an attacker wouldn't get credit for a long bleeder
    (more than 5 seconds) 
    [maybe this is supposed to penalize the bleeder for not bandaging]
 * Added HUD indicator for special players
 * Increased expiration time for pistols and knives 
 * Fixed bug where briefcase would autoreturn after 30 seconds regardless
    of the return policy
 * Fixed "floating corpse" bug
 * Fixed some bugs related to a special player disconnecting or changing
 * Beefed up slippers - no limp, and reduced falling damage 
    (still can't jump while wounded in the legs)


 * Fixed chasecam bug with sniper crosshairs
 * Fixed chasecam bug with TIME and RESPAWN counters not showing up
 * The dead are now allowed to talk if team respawning is enabled
    (since they can only chasecam their teammates)
 * New frag bonus system
   - increased bonus radius for capture zones
   - increased bonus radius for objects/players
   - every normal frag is worth 0.25 frags
   - other stuff is worth much more :)
 * Fixed doorkicking bug
 * Fixed spurious RemoveFromTransparentList() message with INSTANT respawn
 * Integrated new radio sounds
 * Added ignore commands
   - ignore <name>
   - unignore
 * Added script validation
   - on parse errors, gameplay reverts to default teamplay
   - target names in goals are checked to make sure they match a target


 * Added author mode
   - set sv_author 1 to enable (must restart map)
   - makes player spawn locations visible
   - new commands "moveto" and "movespawn"
     > moveto <targetname>
     > movespawn <targetname> <numspawnpointsaway>
       (still flaky with multiword target names)
 * Limited chasecam when team respawning is enabled
 * Fixed vwep so it uses the right player model
 * Pistols and knives now expire


 * Added carrier-indicator options for TARGET_OBJECT
   - TARGET_OBJECT "A" MODEL "m" PIC "p" VWEP "w_bc1.md2"
   - TARGET_OBJECT "B" MODEL "m" PIC "p"   (defaults to blue/red glow)
 * Modified the frag bonus structure
   - A player gets frag bonuses if either he or his victim are near
     something interesting 
   - Interesting things include capture zones, dropped briefcases,
     carriers, and special players (TARGET_PLAYER_*)
 * Added CONTINUOUS directive - removes the end-of-round massacre 
   and subsequent restart
 * Added MAXTEAM directive to limit the number of players on a team 
   (still in development)


 * Fixed briefcase dropping
 * Fixed nasty crash bug when "instant" damage killed someone
 * Changed GAMEVERSION references to cvar game->string_value


 * Added score bonuses for goal-related activities
 * Added HUD indicator for the carrier
 * Added console commands 'goals' to redisplay mission objectives
 * Fixed echoing "Lights Camera Action" on timed respawns
 * Readded goal information in between LCA messages


 * Added door kicking
 * Integrated with AQ 1.51


 * Fixed %-$ mixup in parser output
 * Added AWAY_FROM respawn locational directive to specify how many
    of the spawn spots closest to a target should be avoided
     RESPAWN INSTANT AWAY_FROM "Hondo 2nd Floor" 2
 * Fixed memory leak in SelectTeamplaySpawnPoints()
 * Fixed respawn counter while chasecamming
 * Fixed crash bug on empty teams
 * Added 2 second respawn protection - firing negates it
 * TARGET_AREA TARGET_FLAG#_SPAWN models no longer rotate
 * Cleaned up checks to see if scripting is active


 * Fixed "Action!" messages on respawn so they only go to the relevant players


 * Tweaked parser output to match input - should make debugging scripts easier
 * Added INITIAL_SPAWN directive
 * Fixed TIME chasecam bug
 * Changed 'scripts' cvar to not be SERVERINFO
 * Added HUD display for % dead or time remaining until spawn 
   (only visible while dead)


 * Fixed normal teamplay crash on spawn
 * Captures are based on whether BC is "tagged" as being home or not,
    instead of how far it is from home (capture points too high above
    the floor made captures impossible)
 * Dead players under FRACTION or TIME respawn can now chasecam
 * New players may now spawn into a game in progress as soon as they 
   join a team
   - if the team has TIME or INSTANT respawn, the new player spawns immediately
   - if the team has FRACTION respawn, the new player spawns when the FRACTION 
     condition has been met


 * Changed malloc() calls to gi.TagMalloc()
 * Added function Q_strdup()
 * Changed strdup() calls to Q_strdup()
 * Changed stricmp() calls to Q_strcasecmp()
 * Players are now no longer able to respawn instantly on FRACTION or 
    TIME respawn
 * Fixed nasty infinite goal return bug


 * Fixed bug - special player disconnecting causes deadlock
 * Beefed up RESPAWN 
     RESPAWN <time> <location> where
       <time> is (null - defaults to INSTANT) or
                 INSTANT or
                 FRACTION <%> or 
                 TIME <secs>
       <location> is (null - defaults to RANDOM_SPAWN) or
                     INITIAL_SPAWN or

 * Added MODEL directive to TARGET_AREA
    e.g.   TARGET_AREA "The Head" (-50, 24, -30) (-10, 64, 10) 
           MODEL "models/items/c_head/tris.md2"



 * Fixed bugfix - disappearing BC for one team only


 * Fixed bug - disappearing BC
 * Added AQDT credits
 * Added new radio sounds
 * Inititated versioning

Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002, Action Quake Developers Team