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Old News from November 5th, 2000 to September 12th, 2001

WTC/Pentagon - September 12th, 2001

AQDT would like to extend our condolences to those affected by the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. It is indeed a sad day when some members of humanity can plan and carry out such a thing.

- Black Monk

So what's new? - September 8th, 2001

AQDT is in hiatus mode. Look for some code updates October-ish. RL issues have poor old Hal working on that X-box game. Try as I might, he won't quit the job to work on ETE fulltime. Selfish bastard! Anyway, in the Forums we are recording suggestions and any bugs/issues that people find so that we can evaluate them when Hal gets the time to implement some of them in a few weeks. If you have ANY feedback, PLEASE post in the forums or email to me at [email protected] with the subject "ETE FEEDBACK" and I'll be super-happy!

We're not dead, just kinda busy. Most reports have ETE 4.4a as pretty dang stable and bug-free, which kicks ass! :)

- Black Monk

4.4a ETE is RELEASED! - August 3rd, 2001

HO HA. FINALLY. I went through all the scenarios and support files. Everything should be good to go now. Everything except for the AQ:Arena and Lowlag packages has been updated, even the Espionage Skin Pack.

Do yourself a favor and just get the Espionage Support Pack. It has EVERYTHING you need. The server binaries, the docs, the skins, the lowlag sounds. Just remember, RENAME THE "pakN.pak" FILE TO SOMETHING LIKE "pak9.pak"!

Thanks for bearing with my slowness... please let me know how you like 4.4a! Or post in the Forums. :)

- Black Monk

4.4a ETE is complete! - July 26th, 2001

Sorry to everyone, but I've been slammed with job stuff lately and haven't had the time to release 4.4a. Which is good, because 4.4 has a minor issue that was fixed in 4.4a. :)

I'm updating the docs now and preparing the new packages. I'm also checking the scenarios to make sure they are all "fixed" and proper. The old ones had some minor errors that only manifested themselves in later versions of ETE. Oddly enough, I guess ETE got more strict in the scenario parsing so the old errors that didn't matter before suddenly mattered.

Some of the new features of ETE 4.4a:

  • Deathmatch spawn protection--helps eliminate spawn camping
  • Enhanced Referee function for TE and ETE modes
  • TE mode can work with Teamplay AND Espionage modes now, nicely too
  • Some various "rcon sv" commands that are of use
  • Lowlag sounds can be disabled (why would you want to?)
  • Some new % commands, %%, %K, %D
  • Anti-name impersonation safeguard
  • End of round FF, shoot and kick your teammates!
    (idea from Gamblor or JBravo, I forget)
  • Other random stuff y'all don't care about. :)

- Black Monk

4.4 ETE is complete! - July 10th, 2001

The binary is compiled, alls I gots to do now is whip up some download packages and y'all should be good to go! Check back in the next few days since I'll probably have it all done and released then.

A hell of a big THANK YOU goes out to Hal9000, without whom 4.4 would never have seen the light of day. I appreciate your work, Hal, and I'm sure everyone else thanks you too! :)

- Black Monk

4.4 in limited testing - July 4th, 2001

4.3x looked good, so now we're doing a limited test of the 4.4-release server binaries. If those are good to go, in about a week or so 4.4 will be available for download along with updated docs and support files.

- Black Monk

4.3x in testing - June 26th, 2001

Yeah, there was a 4.3w, but I was too lazy to update the site. 4.3x is now in testing and if this sucker is good to go, then that's a wrap for 4.4.

- Black Monk

Website maintenance - June 13th, 2001

Fixed some links, updated other links, minor ETE Docs update.

- Black Monk

4.3v in testing - June 12th, 2001

4.3v is in testing now. Just one Espionage tweak. Nothing major.

- Black Monk

4.3u in testing - June 9th, 2001

Fixes a couple of subtle random number bugs. This is the current release candidate, so if no bugs pop up, this one goes out the door as 4.4. So, like, go play on Pearl Mankey (pearlmankey.dhs.org and pearlmankey2.dhs.org) and stuff.

- hal9000

4.3t in testing - May 7th, 2001

4.3t is in testing now. Mainly some deathmatch and Espionage tweaks so it shouldn't affect most people. This is still a closed beta test. We do thank you for your interest, though, and Hal is working on ETE when he gets the chance, but is also busy with other commitments and whatnot. Hopefully a release version will come soon, but we'd rather release a version that's rock-solid stable and won't give anyone any problems. Hopefully we'll have that soon. :)

- Black Monk

4.3s in testing - April 24th, 2001

4.3s is in testing now. It fixes just about all outstanding issues. Lookin' good, I think this might be "it". Both I and Hal have been extremely busy as of late, hence the lack of updates. I can't code to save my life, either, so even if I weren't busy I couldn't update ETE. :) I'll try to keep ya'll posted. With 4.3s, all Espionage problems appear to have been solved which is a Very Good Thing.

- Black Monk

Espionage server setup - April 4th, 2001

Gah! People have no patience! I'll put up a "how to make an espionage server" section in the online docs sometime soon. But be aware that any espionage server you currently set up will have a messed up Capture and Hold scenario. It's in the code, it seems. That's why I haven't really been pimping or encouraging espionage servers just yet... when everything is fixed there will be that happy "support package" I said I'd make.

- Black Monk

One step closer... - March 31st, 2001

4.3s is being worked on. Remember what I said about running out of letters?

There's a new ESPIONAGE server running at and you'll need some player skins and models. The models can found in the "Downloads" section on the left. Get the Espionage 3.3 client package. Install it. There will be a file named pakN.pak. Rename it to something like pak9.pak. DO THIS.

A list of skins used by the most common scenarios can be found here:

Skins used in most Espionage scenarios

If you want to download these aforementioned skins, there is a link to 'em in the "Downloads" section. In the future the 3.3 and skins packages will be combined into one nice, handy "support" download. But that's in a few weeks when ETE gets out of beta and is released. Until then, this should hold ya'll over for a bit.

- Black Monk

One step closer... - March 20th, 2001

4.3p has been put into beta testing, if this sucker is solid after people bang around on it for a week I think it'll be good to go. Not much other news at the moment.

- Black Monk

Doh! I was kidding! - March 12th, 2001

Just in case there are any misunderstandings, the "rocket launcher" and "laser trip mines" comment was a joke, they are NOT GOING INTO ETE.

Sorry for any confusion. :\

- Black Monk

Next official ETE release (not beta) almost here... - March 11th, 2001

4.3n is in testing right now. It fixes the last of the outstanding bugs/issues that we know about. It's in limited testing now with {TGr}WarMachine and may or may not pop up on the Pearl Mankey servers. Yes, Pearl Mankey, the official beta test server of the AQDT! Errr, anyway, if this version is rock-solid and there are no new features to implement (i.e., rocket launcher and laser trip mines), then it will probably be released as official when Hal gets around to it. Testing is hampered by the fact that many players and server admins are on school vacation over the next week or two here in USA. Once the final server binaries are released, we'll look into doing a Macintosh port, I'll finish up the ETE Docs, and I'll finalize and post the "ETE Support Package" for downloading. Scenarios, models, ML locations and other good stuff, you know how it goes.

- Black Monk

Recent happenings! - March 8th, 2001

Finishing up some bugs and features. Errr, I mean FIXING bugs. Anyway, be patient, good stuff will appear soon enough. There May be some goodies appearing in the Scenario Depot in the upcoming weeks. I'll post if/when that happens. Other than that, AQDT ain't dead, just running in "silent mode." ;)

- Black Monk

Yo, so what's up? - February 28th, 2001

A goodly amount of bugfixes and polish has been done to the latest beta, 4.3m. I updated the docs a small amount, nothing to really notice--just some stuff about the "REFEREE" function in TE mode. Some client command stuff has been updated about "impersonationok" and I think that's about it. 4.4a should be ready soon since at this rate we'll run out of beta letters! ;)

- Black Monk

"support" package update - February 24th, 2001

Actually, I'm going to hold off posting the ETE support package until 4.4a is done. Sorry for any inconvenience you may suffer, but you can get most of the stuff in the 3.3 files available for download and the online docs.

- Black Monk

ETE 4.3k beta test released! - February 21st, 2001

AQ:Espionage/Tournament Edition version 4.3k is now available for open beta testing. This is the current 4.4 release candidate, barring any outstanding bugs.

[Win32] = aqete-43k-x86.zip

[Linux] = aqete-43k-i386.tar.gz

Any problems, please let me know at [email protected]

All the changes are briefly documented in history.txt, included in the download. For those you that can't seem to find the file (there seem to be many), look here: http://aqdt.fear.net/aqdtdocs/esp7.htm

By the way, Lowlag sounds are defaulted to "OFF", so check the docs to turn them on for 4.3k.

- hal9000

ETE Docs fix and request for ML locations - February 21st, 2001

Thanks go to fex who spotted a boo-boo I made with the ETE Docs link. He fixed it and all is good and happy now.

Also, if anyone is interested in making ML location files, please let me know. This would benefit AQ:ETE and also AQ:ML since they both use the same format now. You must use the AQ:ML server binary to create the location files, but both ETE and ML can use the resulting files. :)

AQ:ML - http://www.algonet.se/~ml2/action/ml/

- Black Monk

Documentation? Holy nads! - February 21st, 2001

Here are the docs! These are updated for February 20th, 2001. AQ:ETE 4.3j is the latest unreleased version currently in beta testing. 4.3d is the current OFFICIALLY RELEASED and STABLE version. Please use this until 4.4a is released.

We are currently NOT taking on any new ETE beta testers. Patience!

Now you can click on the AQDT image above at any time to get back to this page.

Also, for anyone interested in Espionage Scenarios and Scenario creation, check out the link on the left to the Scenario Depot. It's not been updated in a while but the information and example scenario files are still groovy. :)

- Black Monk

Old News! - February 20th, 2001

Hey, got all the old news ported to the revamped website. Interesting stuff.

- Black Monk

Clarification - February 21st, 2001

Oh, and just to clarify for you people who haven't been at the AQDT site in ages... Homer redesigned the entire site back in November or earlier. I recently just mucked around with some things, adding links, making the ETE Docs and putting them online--but the basic site design and look and feel was done by Homer months ago.

Just for a comparison, this is how the AQDT website looked before Homer did the site redesign:

Old AQDT website design

- Black Monk

New AQDT member - February 19th, 2001

Um, it's me! :) I'll be adding some goodies to the website and doing some other things.

Revised docs for AQ:ETE are pretty much done, they'll make their way online. There will be a new client/server package made available for download that will include the new docs, Espionage models, sounds, and scenarios, and LowLag sounds.

This is NOT AQ:ETE 4.4, but it will still be valid when 4.4 is released. This is a recommended download for EVERYONE, even if you already have some of these files. They have been updated, tweaked, and made happy. This applies to clients/players and server ops. When a new AQ:ETE server binary is released, all you do is drop it into the distribution that you already downloaded and BOOM you're set!

Anyway, more to come...

- Black Monk

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