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   Config Part 6

Player Preferences Setup

Create a file in the config directory called player.cfg, this file is where we will enter any commands that relate to your character within the game, there's sometimes a fine line between system commands and player commands, in general player commands are the ones that you're more likely to change every now and then.

In this file we're going to enter the following:

//Action Player Settings
set name "[TNN][8]"           //Changes name to [TNN][8]
set skin "sas/tnnsas"         //Changes skin to sas/tnnsas
set crosshair "1"             //Changes crosshair to 1 (Cross)
set cl_run "1"                //Always Run
set gender "male"             //Changes gender to male

exec "config/keybinds.cfg"


The first line is used to set your name within the game.

The second is used to select your model and skin (in this example sas is the model and tnnsas is the skin).

The third line selects the crosshair to use for aiming, your choices are:
0: No crosshair
1: Cross
2: Dot
3: Angle
(You can download replacement crosshairs from the downloads section)

Next we have cl_run, this tells Q2 to make you run by default (I highly recommend setting this to 1, the faster you move the harder you are to hit).

Finally we have the gender command, possible options are 'male' or 'female', obviously this is personal preference :o)


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