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   Config Part 7

Keyboard Binding Setup

Create a file in the config directory called keybinds.cfg. This file will be where most of your binds are kept (communications related binds will be held in another file and binds relating to scripts will be kept within the script's file). I recommend that you create a keymap to help keep track of where your commands are bound, this will allow you to remember where everything is bound but more importantly it will allow you to see easily which keys are available when you need to alter or add binds to your config. I've made a printable keymap for you with the Q2 names of the keys written on each key, you can download it here(It's not my fault if your keyboard differs from mine).

Open the keybinds.cfg file and on the first line type:

//Action Key Setup

then miss a line (Q2 ignores blank lines but they make it easier for us to see what we're doing).

The keybinds config file is split into sections to make it easier to organize and to ensure we've got all we need. Enter the following:


In the movement section we need to bind keys to the following commands:


These commands do the following (respectively):

Run Forward
Run Back
Strafe Left
Strafe Right
Jump/Swim Up
Crouch/Swim Down
Hold To Walk (Quieter)

Select the keys you want to use for these commands and add the binds to your config using the following format:

bind uparrow "+forward"            //Run Forward

Make sure each bind is on it's own line, if you're not sure of the name of the key you wish to use check the keymap.

Depending on your personal preference you may also want to add binds for the following:


These commands do the following:

Turn Left (It is most common to use the mouse to turn)
Turn Right
Hold To Make Turn Keys Strafe
Look Up (It is most common to use the mouse to look up and down)
Look Down
Centres Your View (Makes you look straight forward)

Weapons Binds

Next we will bind the fun keys, the ones to do with guns :o)
Leave a line then enter:


In this section we need to bind the following:

use blaster
use combat knife
use a 2nd pistol
use special
use m26 fragmentation grenade

These commands have the following effect:

Hold To Attack
Select Mk.23 Pistol
Select SOG M37 Knife
Select Akimbo Mk.23 Pistols
Reload Current Weapon
Cycle Through Currently Held Special Weapons
Select M26 Fragmentation Grenade
Toggles Weapon Modes

Choose which keys you want for these commands and bind them the same way as you bound the movement keys (don't forget speech marks since some of these commands have more than one word).

If you wish you can bind the following commands to keys too:

use m3 super 90 assault shotgun
use mp5/10 submachinegun
use handcannon
use sniper rifle
use m4 assault rifle
use throwing combat knife
use slashing combat knife

In case you hadn't guessed, these commands do this:

Select M3 Super 90 Assault Shotgun
Select MP5/10 SubMachinegun
Select Sawn Off Shotgun
Select SIG SSG3000 Sniper Rifle
Select M4 Assault Rifle
Select SOG M37 In Throwing Mode
Select SOG M37 In Slashing Mode

I personally don't think these are necessary since you usually only carry one special weapon so the 'special' command is enough but some people like to have a key for each, if you use knives a lot the knife commands may be useful to you though.

Special Actions

Miss a line and type:


In here we put the things that you can do while you're not putting holes in people's heads.

drop weapon
drop item

Which do this:

Opens Doors (funnily enough)
Drops Your Current Special Weapon (To give to a team-mate or to pick up another)
Drops Your Current Item (To give to a team-mate or to pick up another)
Bandages Your Wounds (To stop limping and bleeding)
Toggles IR Vision On And Off (You need a bandolier for this)

Pick where you want them to go then add them to the file, after that miss a line before the final section.

Miscellaneous Commands

Enter this into the file:


Under here we basically dump anything that doesn't fit into the other sections, there are a few essentials:


And these commands do this:

Open In-Game Menu (Teamplay)
Next Option (In-Game Menu)
Previous Option (In-Game Menu)
Confirm/Select (In-Game Menus)
Bring Down/Send Up The Console
Show Scores

It is advisable to bind toggleconsole to ` (The key to the left of 1) because Q2 has been known to behave strangely when it is not bound there, if you wish you may still bind it to another place too (simply make another line binding toggleconsole to another key).

Other optional commands for this section are:


Which will take a screenshot, it will be saved as a Targa image file in Quake2\Action\Screenshots.

Leave a line and type:

exec "config/comm.cfg"



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